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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Things That Have Made Me WONDER Today....

Yeah, I'm at work, lucky me....


1. WHY are people driving on icy roads when they have NO
clue HOW to drive on them, aka you can't go 45 mph?

This is the SOUTH-
we don't have sand machines to de-ice the roads after 3 inches of SNOWFALL,
especially when it's still this:

(that's WITHOUT the windchill of -10 degrees)

So WHY would you assume the ICE on the road just magically 
DISAPPEARED when the sun came out, 
when it's still 20 degrees UNDER freezing?


2. if the Governor says STAY home, interstates and major highways 
are closed, why are you trying to drive on them, 
unless you have an actual emergency?

Seriously, the excuses people are giving for being on the road- non emergency doctor appoint that requires 2 hours to drive what is normally 20 minutes away (cause guess what, that office is CLOSED), visiting friends in the hospital that is also 45 minutes away normally (so you can end up as a patient too! yeah!) or there's nothing to do (snowday) so we were gonna hang out at Walmart (we'll just hit a light pole on the way there)......


It ain't a hurricane people...


3. WHY would you call another state's agency to ask about road closures
 IN YOUR state, in YOUR county?

Uhhhh ... there's just no answer for calling where you'll land,
versus where you're leaving FROM.....
you know cause you might get stuck 5 minutes from YOUR house....


and the kicker...

4. Why would my homeschool kid think SHE had a sneaux day off, 
when it's too cold to go outside for longer than 4 minutes?

RIGHT, Guess again!

The cold weather made for stating INSIDE and getting all your work done, in case weather cooperates and we can go on field trip Friday! LOL

So how has YOUR SNEAUX day been?

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