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Friday, February 2, 2018

Do You Ever Have Breakfast For Dinner???

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge,from Krusteaz for blog review purposes on this blog. No compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

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Did You Know That February is National Hot Breakfast Month?

Sorta makes sense with Valentine's Day, after all who doesn't love breakfast in bed, right?

breakfast in bed

But as LOVELY as that can be, there is one that isn't as lovely:
putting dinner on the table every night!
Not only can dinner prep be stressful, but also time consuming, when there is so much to do and you just want to RELAX!

So why not do what we do every couple of weeks, and serve breakfast for dinner ?

krusteaz gift box set

Thanks to Krusteaz, maker of premium pancake and waffle mixes, having a Breakfast Dinner Night is easy and quick!

 Krusteaz knows that busy Moms want to make quality breakfast items like pancakes, crepes and waffles quickly and easily, but want them to taste GREAT. their easy to use mixes do JUST that! their great line up includes:

- Buttermilk Pancake Mix- With a blend of soft wheat flours, and a touch of creamy buttermilk for flavor, these pancakes come out light and fluffy every time! We've been using this mix for YEARS- it's our go- to mix because it never fails, no matter what you add to it- blueberries, raspberries, chocolate chips, even peanut butter, if you want to add some flavor! 
- Protein Buttermilk Pancake MixMade with sweet cream buttermilk, these pancakes are truly light and fluffy, but don’t let that fool you. They pack a MAJOR protein punch-13 grams per 1/2 cup serving!  These are the pancakes your kids need for Saturdays, when they're on the game field ALL day long, and you're running like a taxi cab all day! They give you a GREAT start to the day!
- Belgian Waffle Mix -This mix is great for both thick fluffy Belgian waffles and regular ones too! made for waffles, it comes out thick and creamy, for a perfect waffle every time, as you can see!

belgian waffle mix and maker

Our waffle iron was getting on in age, so I wasn't too surprised when Murphy's Law struck and our griddle/waffle maker combo died when I attempted our first batch of the Protein pancakes. Sigh, no sharing of THOSE pictures, LOL But after 10 years, it was understandable, so we had to go on the hunt for a new wafflemaker. this time out we opted for separate griddle and wafflers, as when it comes to making pancakes, we like to make larger batches at one time!

I have to say even though this wafflemaker was on the smaller size (LOVE how it rotates and the handle folds to take up smaller shelf space too), it not only produced lovely waffles, but even worked on hash browns! That was my first sample try and making them on the maker, and as you can see they were getting nice and brown, straight from the freezer! So if you;re making pancakes, use your waffler for some no-mess hashbrowns!

breakfast night ingredients

As you can see, we decided to mix up Breakfast night by adding home yummy apple slices as a topper for the waffles, and some equally tasty maple flavored sausage. 

As you can see our first plating, our Belgian waffles came out NICE and FLUFFY. No maple syrup needed on this plate! the apple pie filling had just enough sauce instead! By also giving everyone their choice of what to add to their 1 egg mini omelets, everyone got what THEY wanted to eat, but we used the same pan- AHA less cleanup!

Another plate- you can see our has browns got nice and evenly cooked on the second go-round. Once we had the rhythm down, breakfast for dinner was done in half the time of regular dinner, yet everyone had more than enough to eat AND was SO full! And as an added bonus, when you have protein before bedtime, it can actually HELP you sleep better!  Hmmm, those Protein Pancakes sounding better and better aren't they? I actually mixed up a small batch and added to the waffle mix remainder, for extra waffles, for the following morning!

Did you know that you can keep your waffles hot in a 200 degree oven, on a cookie sheet until you get them all ready? Yup, just try not to stack them on top of each other, as they can get moist if you do. AND you can take leftover waffles and put in a toaster or toaster oven and reheat the following morning, or put back in the oven at 200 degrees again! 

We've also experimented with a thicker pancake mix and on the waffler, and adding bacon and sauce crumbles in the middle and then putting more batter n top, for a protein filled waffle!

So are you hungry yet??

corn and basil pancakes

Head on over to Krusteaz and check out the many ways you can update breakfast with sweet AND savory takes on pancakes (like the Roasted Corn & Basil Bacon Pancakes above) and waffles! Then make Breakfast for Dinner tonight at your house with Krusteaz, and come back and tell us how well YOUR family loved it!

Ours does, and yours will too!

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