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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Drive Thru History Adventures Makes History FUN!

I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Drive Thru History Adventures

As I've told you, Miss Grace is working a year ahead in History, and is taking on Ancient Civilizations this year! Not for the faint of heart, going from Genisus to the French Revolution (fingers crossed!)! We've taken a more hands on approach, and a high use of media, to bring the ancient world to her door! So we were thrilled to be able to add some adventure into her timeline studies, thanks to the AMAZING videos from Drive Thru History Adventures If you haven't seen any previews of the 3 different series available, let me give you some basic info. This Homeschool Video Curriculum covers American History, Bible History, and Ancient History, so one subscription can cover multiple years worth of studies, or multiple students!

Drive Thru History Adventures

In each weekly "Adventure" your child will watch one of Dave's wonderful, filmed ON location videos, and then for older kids, they can do some additional  readings, and recall what they've learned through the provided questions! These additional downloads are perfect for using for graded tests, and the resources/more info are perfect for some extra essay writing, for High Schoolers! But really the best part of the Adventures, is that Dave Stotts doesn't just show your kids history, he immerses himself into it, so your kids can see it for themselves. It's like taking little mini field trips from your sofa! And as a homeschool teacher, I adore that Dave ALWAYS works in some geography, archaeology, classic art, and most importantly, a Christian worldview. That isn't to say that those looking for non-secular curriculum can't use Drive Thru History Adventures, just that they would be tempering those moments. But if you are a Christian, then it makes absolute sense for a history curriculum that looks at the history of the bible, and draws it into ancient history adventures, where applicable!

Before I tell you more, check out a preview video from Dave, showing bits from Drive Thru History Adventures Ancient History course, that we checked out, so you can see just what DOES get included:

When we got access to the  Drive Thru History Adventures Ancient History course, Miss Grace was on Greek history, but was shortly to start Roman, which was perfect for her, as by watching the videos, she was getting a preview of what was to come, and better able to compare the different cultures, and how they dealt with things like beliefs, government and war. The Ancient History course is 12 weeks on early Greece, Rome and Asia Minor.

ancient history dashboard 1
Dave does an ASTOUNDING job in keeping kids tuned in, WATCHING and learning! he uses JUST the right amount of humor to get the kids laughing and keep watching, such as mowing his yard in a gladiator outfit! Frequently we had to stop the videos and back them up, as Miss Grace got to laughing SO hard! She also would stop them and ask me if something Dave said was right (problem with your child knowing you're a history major, LOL, and yes the answer was always "YES!"). Small things that seemed unimaginable, suddenly make sense, like by seeing Dave AT the Roman colliseum, and his showing the size of what remains. then showing the original drawings of it, and comparing the VOLUME of people it held to 12 football stadiums, like our local Superdome. THAT concept she could grasp, and then apply to what she was watching.
miss grace watching

I had to really laugh when he got the the Oracle at Delphi and Miss Grace was looking at me like, "Really, Mom?" and then Dave mentioned the gases that came up through the fissures and caused the priestess to hallucinate, and basically the oracle was 'interpretting' babble. I just about snorted my coffee, when she looked at me and said "Why am I not surprised, drugs were part of the Greek hedonistic lifestyle too?". Yup, Dave did a really good job in explaining that in the previous videos! I think the comment about the Romans wiping out multiple animal species, for their need for animals for the colliseum killings, was the kicker for her, my animal lover! I don't think she would have gotten a true sense of the excessness of both the Greek and Roman cultures from a dry history book!

She was really interested to see how Christanity DID play a role in the fall of Rome, one that isn't quite spelled out in the history books, as well as Dave presents it. I was also quite impressed with how he brought in the history of Egypt and Babylon, as well as the Ottoman empire, providing more than just a quick look at 2 cultures. He talks about how they all intersected, and expansionism may have seemed great, but ultimately led to Christianity changing how many cultures thought and behaved. It really allowed Miss Grace to see the 6 degrees of separation, and how men (and women) of character, really helped to make our world, throughout history.

drive thru history adventures dashboard
While Miss Grace may only be 10, because we frequently watch history documentaries and museum mystery shows (shrug, it's what we do, LOL), this was a perfect format for her. While the included questions for each episode were a bit advanced for her, as far as writing. I was able to use them to question her for retention, and was thrilled that she was actually making CONNECTIONS. That has been pretty much my goal in home schooling- getting her to see how history connects us, and how one action can cause another, changing what happens. We will definitely be coming back and using the Drive Thru History Adventures American History (12 week course on early American history) for 7th grade, and Bible History (18 week course on the gospels) for 8th grade Homeschool Bible Curriculum use! By then she will be better able to do research (which we will be focusing on in 6th grade, as she does a history's mysteries self-styled study course for her History component and Bible archealogy for Bible, requiring her to learn to research). I know that the videos are really offering her a firm foundation for this year, to encourage her to seek out the truth, and how it's not always shown. Dave has really given her the 'wandering bug', and she is already planning where she wants to go, based on his adventures, and has already decided HER jeep will be green!

The three Homeschool Video Curriculum courses are aimed at high school students, but as you can see, the entire family can view and get something from the videos, even kids as young as age 5! Though I would really suggest 3rd grade on up, for better retention and conceptualization of the topics discussed. Younger kids will definitely enjoy the Adventures TV portion of the subscription though! It includes MORE of what makes Dave, Dave- like bloopers, road trips, specials, bloopers, and mini-docs. Every week Dave brings news (like how you dance with strep throat), some great religious insight, things going on in the Drive Thru Adventures world and Q&A from the Facebook page

drive thru history adventures swah
Yes, Miss Grace had to share her happiness with some swag Dave sent her with EVERYBODY that walks in the house, she's still searching for the 'right' frame for his photo! LOL, yeah may be a bit fan-girl there!

Adventure TV also has videos related to special holidays, like Valentine's Day and President's Day. Plus there are videos to help your kids dive deeper into History! Miss Grace was thrilled with the showing of Dave's jeep in the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C., and how the series is taking an active part in the presentation to visitors! The Drive Thru History Pinterest and Instagram pages also provide plenty of resources and occassional mirth!

Dave's goal was to provide our kids an alternative to "the popular culture that is out to change your kids minds, by providing "“Adventure Learning” – unvarnished truth of history, on location,  that’s Christ-centered, fact-filled, and super fun.  Getting our kids fired-up about learning important truths and becoming better human beings" And that is just what you get in any fo these video curriculums! Dave has been making the series for the past 15 years, and we hope he keeps on doing it, providing the truth in history to the next generation too!
Drive Thru History Adventures

One of the BEST things of Drive Thru History Adventures is the fact that you can view the videos ANYWHERE, on ANY device, thanks to the Drive Thru History Adventures app! Once you sign in, your child can continue their learning, no matter where they are! It's also good for making a point, when you're on a field trip, as I recently found out, when Miss Grace had to pull it up to make a point about how the martydom of Polycarp. ONLY my kid! LOL. But it caught the attention of some adults nearby and we shared about the series, and they were quite impressed at how well it taught her connections, as well! 

But don't just take our word for how great this curriculum is, check out what my fellow reviewers thought about it too! Cust click the link below.

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How can I make this great home school history and bible curriculum even more exciting for your family?
How about some special savings?

Drive Thru History Adventures has not 1, but 2 ways you can save!
gospels dvd cover
1. FREE set of the The Gospels DVD to those who join with an annual subscription. 

This is so great- this way you can share the study of the gospels with your church bible study group, pastor, or fellow teachers! Just click on the picture above to go to the link!

old school house mag cover
They have a special advertised in the Winter Edition of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.  The special code in the magazine can give you a special 20% savings off of an annual subscription! Just click on the pciture above to find out how you can learn about this GREAT magazine (seriously, I read EVERY page in it) and get the special code!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and claim your savings and get YOUR kids LOVING history too!
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