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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to Make Meals BETTER For YOUR Family!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge,from Garden Lites and Vitalicious, for blog review purposes on this blog. No compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own. 

How'e that New Year resolve going?

I figured!

What if you had great tasting snacks and entrees that are good for you, and easy to make?

garden lites logo

Garden Lites offers Savory and Sweet Snacks that are not only veggie-rich,  but also gluten free, dairy and nut free, and made with only clean/simple ingredients that are non-gmo certified. With Veggies as the primary and first ingredient, your family will not realize they are having decadent snacks and main entrees, that are only 100-120 calories per serving! Their products are also perfect for the breakfast on the go, the lunch box, and after school and work snacks

From morning to night, Garden Lites has you covered no matter what your meal!

garden lite waffles
Garden Lites Waffles are perfectly crispy yet delightfully fluffy – with an added twist. That’s because – surprise! – the main ingredients in our irresistible Waffles are vegetables! They’ve cleverly hidden butternut squash and carrots into every bite, but your taste buds will be none the wiser. Go ahead, toast one up and indulge in the sweet aroma filling your kitchen. The hints of vanilla and bursts of real blueberries will start your day off right. Not only that, but they’re gluten free and allergen friendly too! Our waffles are a true crowd pleaser! While Miss Grace was on her Gluten Free diet, we had tried these waffles and she had NO idea there were veggies in them! I liked to top them with almond butter, whereas she liked them plain! 

Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes Superfood Blend

Experts agree that superfoods are incredibly good for you and these Superfood Veggie Cakes are just that! The Superfood Blend is packed with nutrient-rich superfood veggies like kale and cauliflower, while other varieties feature Kale & Quinoa. The line packs only 100 calories!  Garden Lites® Superfood Veggie Cakes come in a package of 6 veggie cakes. I think these were Miss Grace's favorite of the samples we tried! She LOVES quiche, so I wasn't surprised she loved the veggie goodness of the Superfood Blend cakes! She likes to eat them for breakfast and as a pre-dance class snack!

garden lites zucchini bake

And thanks to their new entree products, including bakes and souffles, dinner is covered too! Made with superfoods, you can enjoy Garden Lites Zucchini Bake for your next meal. So moist and full of fresh veggie flavor you’ll think you’ve stepped away on a staycation to your local farmer’s market. You can bake in the oven or microwave, so you CAN have a healthy lunch at work, or quick dinner at night! Miss Grace declared this almost as good her grandma's zucchini bake! And while we didn't use it as a entree only, we served it as a side dish for 2 people and it was more than enough!

garden lights muffins

And for dessert, they've got you covered too!  Garden Lites® Chocolate Muffins and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins feature zucchini and carrots, and they are made of 33% veggies. But shhhh your kids will never know! Heat in the microwave to enjoy a decadent experience for only 120 calories. Garden Lites muffins come in a package of 6 muffins.

And if those muffins look familiar, it's because they're very close to Vitalicious' VitaTops!


Vitalicious is the market leader of innovative "vital and delicious" baked goods that promote a healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing taste. Their VitaTops have set a standard for great tasting veggie treats! Vitatops now come in eleven (!!) great tasting flavors, like triple Chocolate Chunk, Banana Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate and Wild Blueberry!

I LOVE heating the tops up for about 10 seconds in the microwave- it gives them that just from the oven taste! they're perfect for adding your favorite fruit topping to, to make a good for you Valentine's Day treat or healthy breakfast treat! if you've tried them before, you'll be happy to note that they taste even better now, and are a bit bigger!

All of these healthy products can be found at www.thehealthfoodstore.com, or by logging getting from your local food store, or Target (in the frozen and refrigerated sections)..Be sure to check their store locator for one neat you! plus you can also get valuable coupons on the store locator and Garden Lites coupon pages.

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