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Monday, February 19, 2018

#LiveTheAdventure and Make History Come ALIVE Thanks to Heirloom Audio Productions!

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Have you ever heard the name  G.A. Henty?

If you homeschool, holding to a Christian viewpoint, is is very likely that you have! If not, I want to tell you how these incredible Christian audio stories can make HISTORY come alive for your kids, whether you homeschool or not!

heirloom audio productions

Heirloom Audio Productions is an amazing company that is bringing all of the GA Henty novels to a new generation, via a new format: Christian audio dramas! using incredible casts, the stories now come ALIVE for kids- they hear proper accents, words and are transported back in time. By bringing back audio dramas, heirloom Audio reminds us ofhow words can create pictures for us, if we we let our imagination loose! We were lucky to be able to check out one of their new dramas this past month:  Wulf the Saxon!

danny and cd 1
Wulf the Saxon tells the story of Wulf, a young Saxon landholder, in the year 1065, when Edward the Confessor is King of England. quickly earns respect from those he serves, through his devotion to duty, courage, and honor. But when Wulf and his devout Christian friend, Harold, find themselves shipwrecked on the shores of Normandy, a desperate struggle for the throne of England begins. 

On a battlefield outside of Hastings, the very course of history is decided. Brothers become enemies. A boy becomes a man. A nation is born. Adapted from the book, Wulf The Saxon, by G.A. Henty

The drama is voiced by some pretty AMAZING actors:
wulf the sacon cd cast

Yup- this is not a B type movie audio drama- these are amazing actors, that are truly into the audio drama, and creating audio theatre, not just reading a book to your kids! Which means, your kids WILL be entranced, no matter how much they complain at first. Give it about 10 minutes, and try to turn off the cd- then you'll see the magic of these audio dramas, as your kids scream 'turn it back on!". And you try not to smile and laugh with glee, as you do so!

wulf the saxon cover

I admit Miss Grace was a bit captive, as we listened to them on the way to irish dance class. Having over an hour drive, allows plenty of time for listening! LOL. But it was a bit appopro as well, as we had just been discussing how the ancestry of the Irish is a bit mixed with not only Saxon invaders, but also Viking ones, and how the Celts spread to Normandy, as part of her Parade Theme entry this year for her Irish krewe. And while she isn't at the Anglo Saxons yet in Ancient Civ, she has suddenly developed a yen for Shakespeare, so olde English has also been a frequent topic!

danny and cd 2
This is a 2 CD story, so you do need to allot about 2 and a half hours to hear the whole story. I would recommend splitting the story up into 3 sections, at around 48 minutes for the first two, going with the  natural breaks in the story line, which are  also at critical points of the story, such as when Wulf and Harold are trying to get themselves ransomed and saved by their rescuers. This stopping point was great, as it allowed us to discuss what all had gone on from the beginning, and how at this stage in history, the King was able to grant lands and titles based on character (or lack there of!), and how not all later 'nobles' had always been that way (noble/high class). Ransoming was also something we had not discussed, so it was great to talk abouthow it was common place in the 'civilized countries. When your kid makes the connections in history to Vlad the Impaler, you know you MIGHT just have a history nerd in the making lol! 

Our second stopping point was actually right as Wulf led the charge to take Lllweyen of Wales' castle. It wasn't where I had wanted to stop, but we had too many stops to make, and I didn't want Miss Grace to loose the flow of the story. And it also provided a proverbial cliff hanger for her- would Wulf keep the castle, would England be taken by Welshmen? So she actually finished the story after we got home, along with Danny and Ally (above, posing with the cd), curled up on her bed. It was actually quite cute, with her stopping here and there ,to 'catch them up'! Miss Grace was heartbroken over Edith and Harold's breakup, but admired her for thinking of the country above all else. She was quite impressed with the ending, and asked when the next story was arriving, continuing the tale! Apparently I have a convert to audio stories!

And Heirloom Audio Productions has quite a few more stories to cover different time periods in history:

heirloom audio products

As you can see, you can literally cover your entire year of history with these Audio Adventures from G.A. Henty and Heirloom Audio!

Still not sure if these Heirloom Audio adventures are for YOUR kids? 

Check out this video, for a few more reasons WHY they are SO important, and why you SHOULD check them out!

Be sure to check out Heirloom Audio on their social media channels for some GREAT blog posts and additional history resources too:

But don't just take my word for how great this cd story is- check out sme more reviews from my fellow crew members: 

Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}
Are you interestied, but want to know how you can add language and bible to these great cd stories, for an all encompassing curriculum, that makes your kids forget they are LEARNING? Then check out the latest offering from Heirloom Audio:
live the adventure logo

The Live the Adventure Club Membership is for kids and parents, that brings you some pretty amazing resources for a pretty low cost (including an amazing sign up bonus too!): 

I love that you get the script for the cds, so that your child can read along (!!) and not only strengthen their reading skills, but help with their vocabulary and spelling too! You could even build a spelling and vocabulary book from words they on't know from the scripts! Access to study guides and more history resources ALL in ONE place is perfect for those trying to reduce where the kids are going on the web as well! And the fact that you get a one month trial to make sure YOUR family loves everything on the site is pretty great! No need to spends hundreds of ollars to see if you like something! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and join today! Even if the Club Membership isn't right for you, you can experience the great Heirloom Audio drama cds, and decide which ones you need for YOUR family!

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