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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Add Some JOURNALS to those Easter Baskets for Older Kids This Year!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books, free of charge,from  Quiet Fox, a new imprint from Fox Chapel Publishing,  for review purposes on this blog, No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them.

easter bunny girl

Quiet Fox is a brand new imprint you will want to know about this year, as they have the most amazing JOURNALS to add to your older kids, teens and coed's (you know you still make them, so don't lie, LOL) Easter baskets this Easter!

Taking the belief that we all need to share our blessings, thoughts and faith in creative ways, they are bringing journals for both YOU, AND your kids!

Their new lines feature Woodstock journals, TangleEasy journals, Hello Angel journals, and faith journals. The series includes bullet journals, lined, unlined, and guided journals! So there is a perfect journal for EVERYONE!

Let's start with my favorite two:

rejoice/beloved word covers

God All Around Me is designed to open your mind to appreciate God's amazing gifts that constantly surround us. Each page presents thoughtful questions to stimulate reflective thinking and writing about the things that bring us calm, clarity, and bliss. Gifted artist Robin Pickens provides beautiful color illustrations throughout the book, based on uplifting thoughts and Scripture passages. Attractively designed and made of the highest quality materials, this finely crafted journal offers plenty of lined space to write, as you take time to count the everyday miracles in your life.

The Beloved Word: A Scripture JournalThe Beloved Word is designed to help you read cherished Bible verses afresh and open you to new insights.Talented author and award-winning designer Joanne Fink provides beautiful color illustrations throughout the book. This beautiful hardcover journal features plenty of lined pages to creatively express your faith, accompanied by an uplifting selection of favorite Scripture passages to stimulate reflective thinking and writing about God's faithful Word.

rejoice/beloved word  face pages
rejoice/beloved word sample pagesAs you can see, both books feature unique face pages, perfect for assing an unique greeting/devotion/hope for the recipient! You can see the quality of the books from these opening pages! Both of these books would be 

good for older teens and coeds, or even adults, If you look at their inner pages, you can see the difference in the two. The Beloved Word has smaller quotes on the top or bottom of the page, with plenty of room for writing a response to the quote, or anything you feel. Meanwhile God All Around Me features more full color pages, with accompanying quotes and blank opposite pages. But both books urge through simple illustrations to seek your own creativity, see the beauty in nature around you, and to remember all the wonders that God has created for us! You almost can't help BUT to start journaling from the moment you pick up one of these lovely books, & they would make great Easter presents!

The next two books cover both ends of the age sprectrum!

freedom and dragonfly covers

Woodstock Unlined Journal Freedom: Woodstock stunned the world with just three days of peace and music. Let the spirit of Woodstock Nation inspire you every day with this mind-blowing journal! Connect with the Woodstock experience, the pivotal moment in popular music history that defined a generation and continues to inspire, via iconic photographs from Woodstock, and inspiring quotations and illustrations. Made of the highest quality materials, this finely crafted book offers a creative launchpad to inspire your hopes and dreams. Woodstock Lined Journal Freedom features unlined pages with plenty of space to write, draw, and doodle. It's packed with memorable photographs and iconic illustrations from the coolest music festival ever!

TangleEasy Guided Journal Dragonfly:  features feature visionary coloring book  Dragonflies can inspire our dreams and reflect our souls. Traditional mythologies considered these iridescent insects to be agents of change, and symbolic of self-realization.This journal provides thoughtful prompts to stimulate your ideas, inspirations, and insights. Packed with  Ben Kwok's, (a.k.a. BioWorkZ) hyper-detailed and exquisitely rendered illustrations, with plenty of lined writing space  to document your world. 

freedom and dragonfly  sample pages
freedom and dragonfly  sample pages 2Dragonfly is aimed more at older kids/teens, with it's simpler design and bright colorful illustrations, which as accompanied by thoughtful questions like 'Which is better, love or money?" or "What is the one thing you wish you could redo?". It's a book to get you thinking, and could really work as a diary of sorts. I can see kids going back Senior year, looking at the book, and seeing how their thoughts and beliefs have changed/matured, and see how they have grown! Which means it's perfect for adding to Easter baskets! Meanwhile Freedom is aimed more at older adults, who a) remember what it was (LOL) and b) want to relieve memories of their youth! So in many ways, it's almost the opposite of Dragonfly. The quotes will spark memories that they might want to write down, to pass on to their children, and see how THEY have changed since then! It also has unlined pages, allowing for creative drawing/wordplay! 

I was impressed with not only the quality, but how they look like they will hold up to repeated use, which can be where some journals fail! All four of these journals are perfect for giving,and for keeping! 

hello angel books

Also available in this new line:
Hello Angel journals,  feature bestselling artist Angelea Van Dam, a.k.a. Hello Angel, and provide thoughtful prompts on every page to stimulate reflective writing about happiness, ecstasy, and joy. This roadmap to creative self-expression includes plenty of Angelea's intricate, hand-drawn illustrations, with heaps of doodles and oodles of imagination

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