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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

NatureGlo's eScience MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle Can Bring NEW Life to Your Homeschool!

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if your child is like mine, you might find that a 'traditional homeschool' science text doesn't last the whole year, but gets quickly gobbled up, leaving Mom, aka Teacher, trying to find applicable science projects and lessons. But what if you could supplement that text learning with FUN science that also combines history and art? You know a trifecta curriculum? Meet you new best friend in curriculum:

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When you have a kid that loves science, art and history just about equally, then getting a curriculum like MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo's eScience is JUST what we needed to fill that void and create new interest in all 3 subjects!

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This unique multi-class course from 
NatureGlo's eScience consists of 4 great classes, each unique in it's own way, but all share one thing- how Math, Art and Science connect! Add in history and you have a curriculum that teaches kids how everything in our world IS connected, and in more ways than 6 degrees of separation! the classes are meant to teach kids to make 'real world connections' about the academics they are learning, while having FUN, and be apply to APPLY them to different areas of their own lives. The classes are suggested for kids ages 10 and up, though after viewing them with Miss Grace, I think 6th grade (middle school) is the best starting level, and they can definitely be enjoyed by high schoolers as well. The classes ARE taught from a neutral worldview, so you WILL have to add in any differences in evolutionary belief that your family has.

The first class of the included 4 classes, for Miss Grace to start checking out was MathArt in Ancient Cultures. As she is studying Ancient Civilizations in history this year, and going to Mysteries of History next year, it seemed like a great fit to tie into her studies. The class is set up into 6 week intervals, and each week focuses on one civilization, and it's applicable math, science and art. Here is the weekly schedule:

Week #1 – Ancient Babylonians & Plimpton 322
Week #2 - Ancient Greek Math and the Platonic Solids
Week #3 - Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres
Week #4 – Ancient India’s MathArt: Rangoli, Mandalas & The Story of 1-9 and 0
Week #5 – Zellige Moroccan Tiles & Other Tessellations
Week #6 – Maya MathArt

Miss Grace was still finishing the Greeks and starting the Romans, when she started the course, so for her the first 2 weeks were a review. I have to admit she was not a fan of the class discussions with Gloria and the kids in the class. She wanted to get right into the lectures, without 'interference', but I think that is really because she prefers on-to-one discussion, versus group discussions. She also wasn't a fan of the 'read alongs' by the kids, preferring to do it herself. For most kids,especially those with siblings, the class dynamics would be more of what they are used to, so it would probably bother them less. But she DID enjoy the class overall, even with those sensitivities.

Each weekly class does consist of slides to print out, video lectures (Miss Grace had already checked out the DK Find Out! Sections, as part of her current History curriculum, so she got ahead a bit there),. and then history/science or art applicable videos, and then a 'Going Beyond' section, that allows for more studying and exploring of the different subjects covered. She greatly enjoyed the additional lectures from the different experts, and I appreciated the study questions, as they were ways for me to see how much she had retained from the videos. 

 I was quite pleased with how she was retaining the information presented, and how it applied across cultures. She actually saw links very quickly to Celtic and Roman art, before the second class had even finished, and presented me some interesting ways of how the knowledge could have been shared. I had to laugh this past weekend when I heard her trying to teach a younger girl about Pythagoras and how the properly tuned music we were hearing was because of him, and why it sounded better! I don't think the 7 year old properly got it, but I was impressed with how she WAS applying it! We have been uber crazy, as you know, and she didn't get a chance to fully complete the projects included. like the Geo Math Art and Rangoli sand art, so those are on her list to do for when she has a few days off.  I would have included a picture at her second try at cuneiform, but there was an accident issue before I got home and it was not able to be put back together for the picture! The class has given her an interesting way at looking at how the 4 basics all align together, and cross cultures, and has really helped to open up her worldview!

The additional classes included are:

math connections in the real world banner

The Math Connections in the Real World class looks at the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers. This is probably the more advanced class of the 4, I would say. I did watch the first week with Miss Grace, and then reexplained some sections to her, so she could better understand them. She had seen some documentaries explaining the Golden ratio already, so she was familiar with it. I was happy when we were at the beach 2 days later and she was able to pick up shells and show me where the Fibonacci rule was evident!
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Miss Grace also checked out a class from the MathArt in the Arts and Sciences. Having taken her to museums from infancy, I think this might be her favorite of the 4 classes! The course covers the following:
Week #1 – Renaissance Artist 
Week #2 – Aboriginal Art
Week #3 – Celtic MathArt
Week #4 – Patterns in Nature I
Week #5 – Branching/Fractal Patterns in Nature & Technology
Week #6 – Fractals in Nature & Technology II

I think this will be a great class to help ease her into next year's Science curriculum, as it is going to be more unschooled, with interest led areas, and Weeks 4-6 will really help her with her personal notebooking drawing and help her retrain her eye to the patterns all around her, as will the next class:
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The last class MathArt: Patterns in Nature will take what she learns in the previous course and expand her awareness and show more of how Math ties in. Which will be perfect, as she will be taking pre-Algebra and Geometry next year, and the included classes will really help her:

Week #1 – Patterns in Nature: Circular Patterns

Week #2 – Patterns in Nature: Animal Coat Patterns
Week #3 – The Geometrics of the Universe
Week #4 – Patterns in Nature: The Hexagon
Week #5 – Logarithmic Beauty of the Chambered Nautilus Part I
Week #6 – Logarithmic Beauty of the Chambered Nautilus Part II

So as you can see, you really get a fully structured online learning curriculum, based in escience, that allows your kids to learn and then APPLY what they have learned to the natural work around them. It's relaxed structure really allows for kids to explore both on their own, and at Gloria's direction, to get the most out of the classes as well. 

NatureGlo's eScience MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle is a true bargain when you also consider that you get access for an ENTIRE year, which means you can go back and revisit areas as needed or space out the classes for year round study, AND that you pay one price for the whole family! How many online curricula let you do that? Yup, very few!

Still not sure?

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About the Teacher:

Gloria Brooks, aka NatureGlo, founder of NatureGlo's eScience, is a full-time RVer on the west coast, US. Gloria has taught thousands of young people since 1997, just fresh out of college! She hold's a bachelor's degree in K - 12 education, has taught all grades and most subjects. In 2003, NatureGlo found her niche teaching zoology, Marine Biology, rocks and minerals, botany, and a unique math enrichment course, called MathArt. She has been teaching live online classes to homeschool students since 2011.

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