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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wake Up With Jimmy Dean Bowls! (review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Jimmy Dean, via the Insiders program, for review purposes on this blog, No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

If there was one thing I absolutely hated, it was getting Miss Grace off to school, because she is a full breakfast eater- no cereal or poptarts for her, she wanted a FULL breakfast, but there was no time for that, unless I got up 45 minutes early, and those days were few! I wish these new bowls from Jimmy Dean had existed then- we would have had more peaceful mornings!

jimmy deal bowl flavors

How much do WE love this bowls? In oh so many ways! 

Like I said, Miss Grace LOVES a FULL breakfast, and she wants it EVERY day. Only problem is my work schedule doesn't allow for that. But thanks to this amazing product from Jimmy Dean allows her to have it every day, even with us homeschooling and me working! 

jimmy dean bowl

These super tasting bowls have everything you want- Eggs, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Potatoes, and spices. And there are 3 variations, so everyone gets the bowl THEY want! It's like you got up extra early and made that full breakfast, and then put it in an easy to use bowl!  At one time I tried making up breakfast meals  in advance. We ran out of storage bowls, and you couldn't tell what was what after a week in the freezer. Thanks to these bowl (we're both loving the other 2 flavors too), it's easy to see which is which, AND even simpler to cook them- 4 minutes while you're getting ready, and BAMM, you have a complete breakfast that not only keeps you FULL til lunch, but satisfies that full breakfast need! And Miss Grace needs no help making the bowls, so now we're both happy campers in the morning! Thanks to Jimmy Dean mornings are FUN again!

jimmy deal nowl 2

The 3 flavor variations are:

Loaded Potato Breakfast Bowl

Everything you’d want on a baked potato, packed into a premium breakfast bowl. Bacon, chives, specialty cheeses, real eggs and sausage combine to give you 23g of protein. This one is our fav!

Ranchero Steak and Egg Bowl

Fill up on a breakfast bowl of hearty steak and eggs with a southwest twist!  Satisfy your morning hunger with this spicy wake up call, filled with 21g of protein, to keep you going. 

Burrito Breakfast Bowl 

This breakfast bowl adds some chef-inspired Latin flavor to your morning.  With real eggs, chorizo and potatoes, seasoned with peppers and salsa, it's like a bistro in your home every morning, and comes packed with 21 g of protein too! 

Miss Grace has also taken to eating one of the bowls before her dance class, which is a really great idea, as it is a filling meal, but gives her so much protein and energy for class. Plus thanks to the handy bowl, she can eat it on the way to class (we have a long drive), to save time! I love them after a long night at work too- the protein lets me fall asleep easily and get up WITH energy after a short nap!  And added bonus is the bowls are easy to find, as they're only sold at Walmart! 

flashing Win


To help one lucky BTHM reader try out all 3 flavors too, I have 3 coupons for you that really bring the price down, just post a comment below about what you think about the bowls, who will eat them or what flavor sounds yummy, and I'll pick a winner on Monday! We're going for easy peasy on this one!

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