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Monday, April 23, 2018

Canvas Factory Can Make Mother's Day AMAZING This Year (review and giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, and giveaway, free of charge,from CanvasFactory,for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

mothers day banner

Mother's Day is FAST approaching!

What do you get the Mom/Grandmother, who has everything?

How about an amazing canvas print, celebrating her family, 
or  something she cherishes?

canvas factory logo
CanvasFactory can help you make that gift a reality! Their mission is simple: to make online photo printing easy and affordable for everyone. By providing you with high quality canvas printing services and prints, at an affordable price. you can be assured that your photos are preserved on canvas exactly, as you want them, easily and conveniently.

We recently got to check out their services, and I was quite amazed at how simple and easy it was to get a print that looked like it was made by professionals!

canvas choices

To create a canvas print just upload your photo or images, choose single, collage  or split print options, then the size and shape of your canvas, finish your order and wait for your photo canvas to be delivered. It really is THAT simple, as the website walks you through all the steps, allowing you to go back and restart if you change your mind!

I love that there are different options, in case you can't decide on just ONE photo! When you select your options, you'll get a choice of canvas sizes. For the single print, you get 15 different sizes and orientations (landscape/portrait) to choose from. I decided to go with portrait with the 16x20 size.

review print sample 1

When you upload your photo, the program will let you know if their is an issue with your photo. For example, on the 16x20 print, uploaded photos, for a single print, should be sizes at a minimum of 848 px x 1060 px, but preferably 1102 px x 1378 px. Not all companies do this, and I can tell you from experience, this is a HUGE help! Also helpful is an uploading bar, so you can see how much longer it will be for the photo to finish uploading. At this stage you can also zoom in, if you want to crop the photo some, with the program. 

canvas factory wrap sample

Once you click next, the program will show you your print AND how it will wrap, if that is what you choose. This is really important. For example on my example above, I should have pulled the photo in a bit more, as part of Miss Grace's crown ended up on the wrap section. Not a biggie in the overall scheme of my photo, but it is something to be glad you can see before you place your order! You also have your choice of changing to a Mirror or Color Wrap, instead of allowing the photo to overlap. With the Mirror Wrap the edges "mirror" onto the side wraps, aka repeating themselves. Or you can use their color wheel/selector and opt for color, like I did.

canvas factory wrap sample 2

Once you have done that, you also get a chance to be creative, with adding of color overlays to your print! Besides gray and sepia, you have choices like red (above), pink and blue overlays! or you can add text, with 10 different fonts and your choice of color, and placement!

Admittedly, in my case I had already made a collage print with my own photo software and decided to go ahead and use that for my sample print, matching the side wrap color to the color I had used on the front f the picture. This was not something most companies could match well, but CanvasFactory got it right on the nose, as you can see!  And I got my print in just about a week! In fact, it arrived much quicker than any other company I've used!

review print sample 2

This is a great quality canvas print. You really have to be RIGHT up close to see that it is canvas. From 4 feet back, you'd swear it was pictures!

canvas print on mantle

As you can see the large size works great for our mantle as we are still undecided as to wear to hang ti. The great thing is that the canvas comes with attached hangers, that aren't held by a thread and prayer! As you can see below, these hangers will KEEP your lovely print on the wall for years to come!

What if you have the photo, but want something different? Canvasfactory has you covered too!

alternatives to canvas

You can also get an acrylic print or a floating HD metal print (so cool)! 

Mom more into art?

london landscape

No problem!

Canvasfactory has 12 different categories of art to choose from- from Modern to Retro, and even landscapes, to remind her of a favorite trip (or home!),so there are sure to be picks she would love!

Sign up for the CanvasFactory newsletter and get $10 off your first order too!

But how about WINNING a FREE print?

flashing Win

One BTHM reader will get to win their OWN 16x20 Canvas print!

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