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Thursday, April 19, 2018

History Corner/ Book Review: Weather: An Illustrated History by Andrew Revkin and Lisa Mechaley

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,Sterling Press, via Edelweiss, for review purposes. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own. 

Weather: An Illustrated History cover

Andrew Revkin, who is the senior climate reporter at ProPublica after a prize-winning 21-year stint at The New York Times, presents an intriguing illustrated history of humanity’s evolving relationship with Earth’s dynamic climate system and the wondrous weather it generates.

Colorful and captivating, WeatherAn Illustrated History hopscotches through 100 meteorological milestones and insights, from prehistory to today’s headlines and tomorrow’s forecasts. Bite-sized narratives, accompanied by exciting illustrations, touch on such varied topics as Earth's first atmosphere, the physics of rainbows, the deadliest hailstorm, Groundhog Day, the invention of air conditioning, London’s Great Smog, the Year Without Summer, our increasingly strong hurricanes, and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Written by a prominent and award-winning environmental author and journalist, this is a groundbreaking illustrated book that traces the evolution of weather forecasting and climate science.

Weather: An Illustrated History sample 2


This is one of those books that you start to thumb through and suddenly find yourself sitting down and reading EVERY page, it is juts THAT interesting! Who would have thought a book on the history of meteorology and weather, could be SO intriguing? By taking 100 episodes and giving them some amazing illustrations/photographs, the authors have figured out not only how to grab our attention, but to keep it, as we read the side-by-side commentary and mini history lesson! You may know about some major weather episodes, like Hurricane Betsy or Katrina, but how about the Strom of 1978 that caused a plan crash and loss of over a hundred lives? 

This book would be a fun addition to any homeschool curriculum, both by itself, and as a starting off point for more research and writing! But you may just find it left out, with everyone going through and 'oohing' (seriously, watermelon snow!) and 'awwing' a whole lot! it would also make an amazing addition to the Summer reading list, with some fun weather experiment items too!

Weather: An Illustrated History sample 1

About the Author:

Andrew Revkin is the senior reporter for climate and related issues at the Pulitzer Prize-winning independent newsroom ProPublica. Formerly the Pace University Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding, he has reported on science and the environment for more than three decades, mainly for The New York Times. He has written on global warming science and solutions and energy issues since the 1980s, from the North Pole to the White House, and is among those credited with first proposing that we have entered a “geological age of our own making,” known increasingly as the Anthropocene. He has won top awards in science journalism multiple times, along with a Guggenheim Fellowship. Revkin has written acclaimed books on global warming, the changing Arctic, and the violent assault on the Amazon rain forest, as well as three book chapters on science communication. Drawing on his experience with his Times blog, Dot Earth, which Time Magazine named one of the top 25 blogs in 2013, Revkin has spoken to audiences around the world, including at the United Nations and Vatican, about paths to progress on a turbulent planet. In spare moments, he is a performing songwriter and was a frequent accompanist for Pete Seeger. He lives in Cold Spring, NY, with his wife and coauthor, Lisa Mechaley, who is an educator at the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation.

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