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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Celebrate the Royal Wedding AND Relax This Summer with Newby Teas of London!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge,from Newby Teas of Londonfor blog review purposes. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them, all opinions are my own. 

So the Royal Wedding has come and gone....

are your feeling a little royal bereft?

I have the solution for you:

newby teas

Company founder, Nirmal Sethia says: “Yogis and hosts have known for hundreds of years that fine quality tea is a meditative, gracious and health-giving drink.  Now Newby Teas is on a mission to bring back quality tea and tea culture. Tea culture is an ancient tradition that we have lost along the way.  And as tea became increasingly mass produced, it lost quality and became a cheap and worthless commodity. 

Newby Teas have become a staple of gourmet British kitchens, and they specialise only in the finest tea, produced from the first or second flush, and packaged with a unique process, to preserve flavour and freshness. Their quality teas are packed with flavour, and are known for their intense and individual aroma.  Newby’s specially designed triple-layer packaging was conceived to ensure that the character and flavour of the tea is preserved from garden to cup. This meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to an all-natural product of the highest quality, ensuring that each blend is full of age-defying, health-giving antioxidants.

The company offers over a hundred specialist blends to satisfy every palate. But first let's look at the basics:

Today, tea still holds an important place in the heart of Britain’s life and psyche. For centuries, tea played a central role in culture and society, as a focus for hospitality and familial domesticity, and as a symbol of national identity.

Now Newby Teas of London is excited to launch its amazing teas across the pond, to America!

We were able to sample 3 different blends, and 2 types of this AMAZING tea!

The first blend was one that is dear to my heart:

newby english breakfast tea and cup

We checked out the Classic Caddy Collection elevates the practice of drinking fine loose leaf tea, making it a beautiful and thoughtful experience, available to tea lovers everywhere. This loose leaf tea contains a blend of fine black teas from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya, giving it a rich and full-bodied taste, with hints of citrus. 

Just look at how amazing the loose leaf looks! You can tell it is going to be an amazing belnd, and it is! It is SO full bodied, that I can substitute it for my morning coffee, and find I don't miss the java at all! THIS is the tea you remember your grandmother making for a proper afternoon tea! It will make you want to take on the day, no matter what is thrown at you!

It is also part of the Newby Heritage Collection, that includes 14 luxury black and green loose leaf blends, inspired by tea history and blended by experts. This range of essential and bespoke flavours, is presented in unique packaging that showcases precious artefacts from the Chitra Collection, the world’s largest collection of antique tea wares and accessories. Which means it is an amazing gift to give, and receive, for anyone who LOVES tea!

jasmine blossom caddy collection tea

We also got to taste the Jasmine Blossom Green Tea, both in Loose Leaf Caddy Collection form, and in tea bag form. 

This floral blend infuses fine Chinese green tea leaves with the scent of jasmine flowers. Newby’s Jasmine Blossom produces a honey-yellow cup with a heady yet perfectly-balanced floral aroma and a sweet aftertaste. It;s the perfect tea for winding down after a ong day at work while watching the sun set! It will take you away and make you think you're on vacation!

jasmine blossom tea bags

As you can see this is a quality tea bag. It won't disintegrate, and dump your tea into your boiled water. Rather, it is sturdy and made to allow for a proper 2-3 minute soak. even the label handle is laminated for sturdiness!

And as you can see, you get the SAME quality tea as the loose life, just ground finer to allow for use in the tea bag! Unlike other companies, there is NO cuttign corners, you get the same quality tea! 

green lemon tea

We also were sent their Green Lemon Loose Leaf Tea.

 Steamed in the traditional Japanese style, Green Lemon tea combines the delicate flavour of young, needle-like leaves and wonderfully-citrusy lemon pieces. Inspired by fresh and well-loved flavour pairings, this natural fusion of verdant green tea and bright dried lemon delights and enlivens at any time of day. Newby’s fine blend presents a gentle aroma of freshly-cut grass and a zesty yet gentle flavour. 

It is an amazing lemon tea- not overstrong, just right in taste! The green tea is exceptional and will turn you over to making it, once you try it. It is NOT weak, but with a middle flavor that will both relax and brighten your day. We found it's also perfect for soothing sore throats, or those having allergy issues.

You get 25 tea bags in each of the above packs from their Tea Bag collection. And you can get FREE samples with every order! They even accept Paypal, to make ordering even easier! And FYI, their Royal Wedding Sampler, below, with
flavor is on sale right now!  This limited edition circular box, keepsake gift set features 36 individually wrapped tea pyramids, with flavours ranging from the traditional English Breakfast to our unique Hunan Green tea.It's the PERFECT way to sample the amazing Newby teas!

royal wedding sampler

Newby Teas has a presence in many world-class hotels, restaurants and heritage venues in Europe and in the UK, served at Bleheim Palace, Grosvenor House London, Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. See, you CAN feel like part of the Royal Family again!

In the US, Newby is served in several high-end hotels including the Waldorf Astoria LA, Amangani luxury resort in Jackson Hole, Amangiri hideaway in Canyon Point, as well as the Inn on the Biltmore Estate, to name a few.

flashing Win
newby tea giveaway


One lucky BTHM reader will win 20 Newby Teas of London tea bags- 10 of Jasmine Blossom and 10 of Green Lemon, to chekc out this amazing green tea! And to help your furtehr relax, you'll get this small Love postcard coloring collection, perfect for winding down and letting your cares edge away after a long day!

About Newby Teas:

Newby founder Nirmal Sethia’s passion for tea began at 14, when he worked as an apprentice tea buyer in London. At age 16, he started his own tea buying business, later buying a tea garden in Assam. After finding success in other business areas, Mr Sethia returned to his first love, tea. Sethia is also the founder of the Chitra Collection, the world’s largest privately-own museum of historic teawares.

The company has won many awards, including 47 from the prestigious Global Tea Championship (formerly the North American Tea Championship).
Newby is a member of NGO the Ethical Tea Partnership which is dedicated to creating a fairer, better, more sustainable teaindustry - for tea workers, farmers, and the environment.

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