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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to Make Summer Yummy AND Healthy, With Zipzicle DIY Ice Pop Pouches!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Zipzicle, for review purposes. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own

Summer is HERE!!!!

And you know that means hot, hot, hot temps, lots of outdoor fun, and kids who need to be cooled down!

But who wants to give their kids a frozen treat filled with sugar and colored dyes?

Nope, not this mom!

Zipzicle DIY Ice Pop Pouches icnic

Which is why when I found out about the new Zipzicle zip-top ice pop pouches. that let you say hello to healthy snacks and bye-bye to processed, sugary snacks, I knew we had to try them out!

Zipzicle zip-top ice pop pouches

This new invention allows you to make healthy ice pops without any molds or sticks – just zip-top pouches that are easy to fill and freeze. 

Inspired by her son, who was sensitive to the dyes in store-bought popsicles, mom Shawna, invented these clever DIY ice pop pouches, so families can make their own nutritious version of freeze pops. In fact, they're SO easy to use, Miss Grace made her OWN pops (talk about getting mom some free time!)

making Zipzicle zip-top ice pop pouches

As you can see, Miss Grace made up her favorite electrolyte, all natural lemonade mix combo in a small pitcher, and then used a funnel to fill up the Zipzicle DIY Ice Pop Pouches. Because the bags are double strength, using the metal funnel was ok, but I would recommend for younger kids, use a plastic one to be safer, and keep from having any oopsies!

made Zipzicle zip-top ice pop pouches

You'll notice that the pop isn't solid. You need to leave a small air pocket, so that you are able to push the pop up, when it is frozen. That level is VERY conveniently located on the bag itself, with a white fill line (on right above), just below the closure! After a trial 1 or 2, Miss Grace got the hang of how much to pour, and her next 25 pops were right on target! She did get 27 pops from the quart pitcher, as each pouch takes about 3 oz each! Then off to the freezer, and after about an hour, they were ready. She did lay them flat as that was the room we had  for the first batch, but the second batch were stood upright, and they seemed to do better, on getting them out of the packs, just an FYI.

As you can see the pouches have a white space for you to mark which flavor they are, so there is no confusion, if you have multiple flavors in the freezer, or if you need to mark which belong to which kid! LOL.

enjoying Zipzicle zip-top ice pop pouches

How did they turn out?

As you can see pretty yummy! Miss Grace did find it easier to break the pop in half and then push half up at a time, but it could have been because that was her first try, and it was a bit overfilled. She loves having the electrolyte pops, as now when she comes in hot from being outside, the pops cool her down AND rehydrate her at the same time! They would work for kids who are sick too! She also tried some with blueberries she picked in them (which I forgot to take a picture of), and they worked just as well, and were a great mid-afternoon snack too! We did find that placing the zip end under warm water for about 30 seconds made opening them quite a bit easier too!

Zipzicle ice-pop pouches are not only easy to use, they are safe to use, thanks to being      BPA Free, BPS Free, and Phthalate Free. And they are recyclable (#7) and safe even at commercial freezer temperatures. Having used other types of pop molds, I LOVE that there are no small parts to lose! And as we found out, they have a second bonus- they can be used for injuries, as a small icepack, or for icing down a split lip!
Zipzicle pouches are great for an everyday healthy snack, snacks on the go (oy those hot hot Summer sports practices!), birthday party treats, BBQs, weddings, game day with team colors, and more... even cocktail ice pops for adults (shhhh, don't tell the kids you're taking 10 of the pouches for your special treats, LOL). Note: you do need to allow more air room, if you are freezing anything carbonated, to allow for expansion in the freezer!

I also found that you can take your leftover (cooled) coffee and make the perfect tall ice cubes (break in 3 or 4 pieces after frozen), for your iced coffees, in them! Got fresh herbs? Now you can save them! Just fill your pouch with her cut herbs, and then pour olive oil over the herbs. Freeze and then when you need the herbs for cooking, you can break off as much as you need! We'll be making some of those soon, as Miss Grace's garden herbs are taking off!

The pouches are easy to reuse too! Just wash by hand and then stand over a straw, chopstick, or similar holder, til they dry! How many uses you can get is based on what you put in them, and how they get treated (aka chewed on, LOL). I'm on the 3rd run with iced coffee cubes, and no issues so far. I would suggest for strong flavors, like herbs, keeping those for the same thing if you do reuse them though!

These great Zipzicles come in packs of 18 packs for $3.99, 36 packs on sale for $6.99, and 100 packs for $14.99 (which is the best option, as you can split them with your kids). You can also get neoprene holders for them, to keep kids' hands from getting too cold while holding them! Zipzicles are sold nationally at Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as other retailers,and online at www.zipzicles.com and  on Amazon.

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