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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Looking for a Worldview to Teaching High School Chemistry?

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from Master Books/ new Leaf Publishing, via their New Book Review Crew at NLPG programfor review purposes. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

So you're looking at teaching Home School High School this year....

I've heard your scream, and I TOTALLY understand!

So what if I told you that your could forgo the expensive Chemistry texts, and get one that your child will actually LOVE, that put chemistry in a world view light?

Good news! That text book exists!

Chemistry Through a Christian Worldview cover

Now, you can do high school chemistry from home and have fun in the process -- yes, you can. Dennis Englin’s Chemistry is a thorough, practical, engaging lab-based curriculum that focuses on chemistry concepts and their applications. Even better, everything is strongly rooted in a biblical worldview. Written by a professional scientist and science educator, Chemistry effectively guides students through lessons and labs that are specifically designed for homeschool use. This curriculum is in-depth enough to prepare future STEM majors for college but accessible for any student needing high school chemistry.

  • Highly readable application-based textbook, with visually appealing layout
  • Curriculum developed for and used by homeschool students for 30 years
  • Teacher Guide includes all coursework, as well as schedule and supply lists for the labs
  • Step-by-Step lab instructions with photos for each step.

  • "We do not use chemistry to study God, but we can see evidence of God in chemistry"


    We're already thinking ahead, and I have looked at quite a few high school science books already (as Miss grace will probably start her science classes a year early), so i was really interested to see how this new book compared. Like any traditional Chemistry textbook, it has a full 2 semester course, with the included labs, so your child CAN earn a FULL Carnegie credit from taking the course. It is a traditional level, not honors though. Your child should have completed Algebra 1 prior to attempting this course, as the basics are usefully for chemistry equations and formulas, so generally it is recommended for 10-12 graders.

    Chemistry Through a Christian Worldview sample 1

    The book has 28 chapters, with labs in each chapter, so your lab component is consistent all year long. The book also features a lab procedures appendix and a list of Christian Chemists.

    Let me break that down a bit more. Each chapter lesson features practice what you've learned exercises and weekly quizzes (important for grading). Your child will also conduct a lab procedure that reflects the lessons learned in the reading, as well as write up a report about the experiment and their results (yeah WRITING!). As chapters progress, they build on each other and after a couple, there is a review and then a test (more grades!). As you can see from the sample above, this is a SOLID chemistry curriculum. the SCIENCE is the same as you would find in any chemistry text, BUT the SCIENCE is put into God's framework.  For example,above, "God created the water molecules". We know this from the bible, so it makes sense in context of a Christian text. I was worried it would just be bible verses here and there, with talk about missions, etc. But it's not- it's SOLID science that tie's in with your child's bible and history lessons! you KNOW how much we homeschool mom love curriculum that cross over!

    Chemistry Through a Christian Worldview sample 2

    Miss Grace looked at the text as well and declared it about the same as the 'hard science' books she's been using. Both of us felt the language was aimed more at kids, at real-life situations, for better understanding. Even the labs seemed to be aimed at what you can do at home. Each lab tells you what the required materials need are, gives a teacher's note about them/why the lab is being done, the procedure to follow and then what needs to be included in your child's report. Most of the materials we either have, or they are easy to obtain, so completing the labs will not be a problem. As there is no 'workbook', your child can have the freedom to make one their way- either in a binder, notebook or artbook. Woo hoo- organization and art skills!

    chemistry teachers guide
    There is a matching Teacher's Guide for the text, that not only provides additional help for all of the laboratory exercises (great if you're NOT scientifically minded), as well as lesson schedule, quizzes, and examinations (that are provided along with the answers), as well as grading scales for labs and tests. For example: did you know that C is AVERAGE for science classes for most students? I had NO idea! 

    It also offers a list of items needed for the lab, that you may not have, all on one page, so you have a 'shopping list' at the BEGINNING of the school year! I also love that you can tear out the quizzes and exams (which match the ones in the text), have your child complete them, and then record grades right in the Guidebook! Using it with the text, your student will have about 5 hours of course work, per week, meeting most guidelines for High School classes, and College level prequisites. You can buy it with the text, at a special bundle rate as well. 

    Both the text and the teacher's guide are available as DOWNLOADABLE texts as well. This is great if you will be doing homeschool on the road, as your child can easily have their text downloaded on their tablet/laptops, and allows for easier independent use! AND no lugging around a 15 pound textbook!

    Overall, I'd say this is a much more approachable (aka much less DRY and boring) chemistry text, than the one we had planned on using for Miss Grace for her HS Chemistry class. BUT the same material is covered. The only difference is there is no AUDIBLE to go along with the text, so if your child uses adaptive technology, they may need it for the book. So it really depends on your child. If they need a more laid back approach (aka not an honors class), and you'd prefer a worldview one, this might be the PERFECT text for your child to use. 

    About the Author:

    Dr. Dennis Englin enjoys teaching in the areas of animal biology, vertebrate biology, wildlife biology, organismic biology, chemistry, and astronomy. Memberships include the Creation Research Society, Southern California Academy of Sciences, Yellowstone Association, and AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies. Dr. Englin’s most recent publications include a text currently used in Principles of Biology. His research interests are in the area of animal field studies. He is a Professor of Biology at the Center for Professional Development at The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California. B.A., Westmont College M.S., California State University, Northridge Ed.D., University of Southern California

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