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Monday, May 21, 2018

Quicksilver Scientific Can Help YOU Get Your Body Healthy and KEEP It THAT Way!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these products, free of charge, from Quicksilver Scientific, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about them. As with any medical advice- consult with YOUR doctor before proceeding with use, our experiences are just that, ours. Yours may be different.

We all start the new year off with the best of intentions, but studies have shown that by April those intentions may have gone the way of our crazy schedules.

So now is the time to get back on track, and make your body even healthier,
and thanks to Quicksilver Scientific, you can!

quicksilver logo

Quicksilver Scientific is the leader in high-end bioavailable supplements, recommended by physicians, nutritionists, and many other practitioners. It's founder, Dr. Christopher Shade, has developed a revolutionary liposomal/nanoparticle delivery system that ensures instant and maximum absorption, of several of the body's most needed nutrients. Getting these vitamins and supplements delivered instantly and completely through your mouth and membranes can ensure maximum absorption for extended effect, as traditional capsule methods can actually be destroyed in the digestive tract and NOT absorbed!

Check out Dr Shade explaining why it is SO beneficial:

So as you can see, having the liposome immediately absorbed by your body, means that the nutrients are IN your body, not waiting (and hoping) to be broken down and absorbed! That's a HUGE difference!

Miss Grace and I have been trying out some of their different supplements and minerals this month, and I wanted to share with you about how well they work!

quicksilver products 1

Did you know that 35% of the US populations take a multi-vitamin every day? And for those of you that do, how many of you think that you're getting all those vitamins ACTUALLY absorbed into your body? Unfortunately, the answer may be no! By the time your digestive system tries to break down that capsule you just swallowed, it could be HOURS later and the capsule may be destroyed before those vitamins can be absorbed!

The Quicksilver Ultra Vitamin is the world's first liposomal multivitamin, that delivers fat- and water-soluble vitamins together, along with many other essential but rarely included vitamins is the ultimate multi-vitamin blend. It combines the Quicksilver Scientific Methyl B Complex with vitamins A, C, D3, E, and K2. With lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene, and vitamin E tocotrienols also, you have a comprehensive formula!

So as you can see, in addition to meeting your nutritional multi-vitamin needs, these additional tocotrienols and carotenoids enhance the antioxidant protection, support cholesterol balance, and cellular regulation. What that means for YOU, is that within an hour of taking the Ultravitamin, you can find yourself feeling more energy and more cognitive awareness, like the after affects of a good cup of coffee! We both are taking the recommended dosage, as well. I have noticed that for Miss Grace, this helped her attack her studies much quicker in the morning, and be able to concentrate longer on each subject. For me, it helps to be wide awake BEFORE I get to work, and ready to hit the ground running. I've also noticed that both of us have fought off stomach bugs and allergies much better than those around us, which I think is down to a stronger immune system!

Miss Grace also takes GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) every day to help not only reducing stress, but to help her concentrate. GABA is produced by neurons in the brain, and functions as the principal inhibitory neurotransmitter, balancing the body's sympathetic (fight-or-flight) response. Lower concentrations of GABA have been observed in peoplewith depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as kids with ADHD. Once the GABA is balanced, it helps kids with ADHD with their fidgeting and concentrating. So we were very interested to see if the Quicksilver Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine would not only work better, thanks to the liposomal delivery, but be easier for her to take it.

The GABA pills that Miss Grace takes are rather HUGE, as they also contain L-theanine (an amino acid found at high amounts in green tea, that supports relaxation and mood by increasing alpha-wave activity, and levels of serotonin, dopamine, and GABA in the brain). This combination in this formula works MUCH better than the pills she has been taking, and I can see it working within 15 minutes! And that means our daily schedule can get on track right away, and STAY there, as it keeps helping her ALL day! I've also used it for when I'm having really stressful days, and found that it helps calm be in about the same amount of time. We started with 2 pumps in am and 2 in late afternoon for her, and worked our way up to the recommended dosage of 4.

Taking a couple of drops of this liposomal formula was MUCH easier than trying to get her to gag down horse pills, (which thanks to her acid reflux issues, can come back up. And while the taste is not the best (admittedly, as I tried it too), it's a lot easier for her to take it 4 pumps of it, knowing it will stay down and be absorbed immediately, and go brush her teeth, than the pill drama! It's easy to take too, thanks to the easy push down top!

thrivagen easy pump

Also featuring the push down pump top, is their Thrivagen blend. Chronic stress has a depleting effect on the body, increasing the need for nutritional and antioxidant support. Adaptogens, like this Thrivagen blend, help support the body’s response (or adaptation) to conditions of stress and high demand. Thrivagen includes classic energy-supportive herbs such as American Ginseng, Licorice, and Rhodiola roots, but also includes the more female-specific endocrine hormonal system restorative herbs Chaste Tree berry and Shatavari, as well as Angelica archangelica, which also helps balance  digestive system function.

You can definitely taste the licorice in this blend! I primarily used this blend, and I was quite amazed at how well it worked prior to and during menstrual weeks. Normally I have really bad digestive problems those weeks, as fluctuating hormonal levels can cause my digestive system to attack anything that comes into it! By taking Thrivagen every morning, I saw that totally stop, reduced menstrual cramps and best of all, NO headaches. I am prone to migraine headaches during those weeks, and this month, there were NONE! YEAH!!! Miss Grace is not there yet, but definitely starting to start from high amounts of hormones, so I had her take half a dose for a few days, and saw quite a bit of stabilization in her moods and stress levels from them. 

While these supplements are great, they really need to be used AFTER you detox your system, and get it back on a healthier track. Quicksilver has 2 products that can help your body do JUST that:

Quinton Isotonic

Quinton Isotonic  is an unique way to get the minerals your body needs, in a way your body can best use. It is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton, following strict protocols established by Frenchman Rene Quinton (1866–1925). These protocols ensure that the product is of the highest quality and purity. Quinton Isotonic supports homeostasis and natural rehydration, helping your body to rest and recover, making it a great start to detoxing your body. It also contributes to normal digestion and production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

This unique product comes in glass ampules, as you can see above, so you have a pure delivery. Using that small piece of paper, you snap off one end of the ampule, and then do the same for the opposite end, to get the Isotonic flowing out. I'm a bit leery of any glass snags, so I use a very very fine mesh tea holder I have, and pour it out over the mesh into a small glass cup and then drink it from there. may not be recommended, but I can't just take from the ampule. The taste leans toward salty (after all it IS sea water) and within 20 minutes, I feel suddenly refreshed, like my body has shrugged off a heavy blanket. 

Very similar to Quicksilver Isontonic, is the Quinton Hypertonic. It is excellent for supporting normal functioning of the nervous system, protein synthesis, bone formation, and when an immediate revitalizing effect is desired for the body, after major physical psychological exertion. Like the Isontonic, it is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms by Laboratories Quinton, following the strict protocols established by Frenchman Rene Quinton, but its micro-mineral composition qualitatively identical to extracellular fluid.

Miss Grace has been taking it after dance class. By the time we get home, she is usually on the verge of exhaustion, and the next morning she is sluggish, as her body is still in recovery mode from the extreme 2 hour class. We started having her take the Hypertonic when we got home and it had multiple effects- she was revitalized enough to get in/out of shower without trying to fall asleep, she was able to relax and fall asleep easier, and she woke up more refreshed, without the muscle exhaustion. We both have been VERY impressed with how well it has worked for her! It also comes in the glass ampules, so we use the same method of taking it. 

Something else that has really helped her with dance class:

h2 elite tablets

Quicksilver Scientific’s H2 Elite tablets are a ground breaking new supplement for adding the benefits of high-dose Hydrogen to water, or any non-carbonated beverage. As the H2 Elite tablet reacts with the liquid, millions of tiny Molecular Hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate the liquid. You get 10 ppm of them in 500mL of liquid! Check it out:

h2 elite tablets in action

Miss Grace put the tablet in her raspberry lemonade and WOW, Just look at all those bubbles of Hydrogen! The tablets are safe to use in an open container, no sealed bottle with pressure is required, and they quickly dissolve in 2 minutes! Did you know that hydrogen is made in your digestive tract? It is, because Hydrogen helps your body to regulate cellular function! But if you're having digestive issues, you may not be getting that! Miss Grace has been using the tablets in her water bottle for dance class, and for daily outside use, as we've been in the 90s all this past week, and with 89% humidity, that means your body quickly feels depleted! With the added hydrogen, she is recovering DURING exercise, and not feeling drained when done! I was surprised what a difference it made when we went on a short hike at the Nature Center. We both were fine and ready to go after it! these tablets will definitely be on our monthly supply list!

quicksilver detox box

So as you can see, Quicksilver has made a HUGE impact on both of our bodies, and how stress has affected it, all month long! I was skeptical at first, that the products would make THAT much of a difference, but after that first week of detox with them, it was VERY obvious that they can, and DO! The lipsomal method is amazing, and once you try their products you will be converted to, as you not only feel better physically, but EMOTIONALLY as well!

special offer

The Quicksilver line of products, including detox kits, are available at their online store, AND and some pharmacies/practioner offices nationwide.

And today they have s super discount for you- 5% off at their online store, with discount code NH5!

Remember, Think #quicksilverscientific to reduce the #stress in your life!

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