Hair Straightening Just Got Easier This Back to School Season

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, at a reduced rate, from Elepawl, via Tomoson, for review purposes. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own.

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Continuing our back to school items that your older kids will love, 
I have a new product that is on my must have list:
the Elepawl Hair Straightener Brush!

elepawl straightener set

This new Hair Straightening Brush offers more than a traditional Ionic hair straightening-its Anion function seals the hair cuticle, by spraying more than 6 million anions per cubic centimeter, in ONE second, to interact with the molecular particles of your hair, REDUCING frizz, and keeping your hair healthy and smooth.

elepawl straightener set 2

The set comes with everything you see above- the straightening brush, a glove for your hand, the convenient drawstring carrying case and not 1, but 2 plastic hair clips, to help sorting hair for quicker use. 

elepawl straightener details

While the set does come with a protective hand glove, the unique comb design ensures that the actual heating surface will NOT touch your skin directly, preventing burns and scalds. And the high density NANO comb brush not only helps to straighten your hair quickly, but also massages your scalp, to help stimulate hair follicles into growing!

The Elepawl is VERY easy to use! You turn on the Ionic button (top button), then press the bottom button until you reach the desired temp that you want. Unlike traditional hair straighteners, the Elepawl offers you FIVE different adjustable temperature modes: 
-300-330℉ for thin hair
- 340-370℉ for normal hair
-380-400℉ for curly and normal hair
- 410-440℉ for curly and thicker hair
- 450-480℉ for very curly/thick hair

elepawl straightener buttons

The advanced MCH technology allows a varied heating response time as well, which gives you a safer and more efficient experience while straightening your hair. I started off with the 300℉ to check its level, but ended up using 380℉. I was actually VERY surprised at how well it worked on my hair! You do work from the underside up, hence the provided hair clips, as this helps the hair to lay down better. This is different from traditional straighteners, but doesn't really take any more time.

before elepawl straightener

Seriously, that is sme CURLY hair. Course with being end of Summer, it is thinned out, but still! None of my other traditional straighteners could work on my hair at that low heat, they need to be on medium high settings!

holding elepawl straightener

I also really appreaciated the  360°rotation handle tail and the ergonomic handle design, which allows you hold the straightener any way, without entangling it in your hair or around your hand! My only issue is where the buttons ARE on the handle. I found myself repeatedly putting my thumb on the ionic button and turning it OFF. The buttons would be better placed lower on the brush, but once you get used to where to place your hand, it's less of a nuisance.

The protective anti-scald gloves do come in handy, when you are doing the ENDS of your hair, so that you can put the hair flat through the brush itself. I did have to do my ends multiple times, as without the length to keep them flat within the brush, they tended to spring back up (hence the need for the glove). 

elepawl straightener cord detail

Something else that is very handy is the attached velcro cord holder, that helps to keep your cord wound up and tight. Beneficial when traveling, or going back and forth with your straightener, in its travel bag!

after elepawl straightener

This was after one full round of brushing, with using some protective serum, and doing the ends repeatedly. I like how there is still some VOLUME, and my hair isn't as flat as a board- which lets everyone know you DID straighten it! I would say I shaved off about 5-7 minutes in my normal straightening routine. But everyone agreed that the more natural look was way better, and my hair seemed shinier than normal when I straighten it. Plus my hair FELT better-less processed- as well. 

As far as how long it lasted....that was a bit different. With exposure to a few raindrops and a bad night sleeping, my hair started to get a bit poofy again, so a quick run through was needed after 2 days. BUT it could have been that I needed to have the temp up higher to prevent that from happening, as normally at a medium high temp I can go 5-6 days without having to re-straighten.

A REALLY big bonus for parents, is the Auto shut down feature! The straightener will turn off AUTOMATICALLY after 30 minutes without being used! And because you don'y have plates that can touch a curface, like traditional straighteners, you have a MUCH safer device to use! 

AND you're protected by a 2 YEAR, no-questions-asked replacement or refund guarantee, and world-class personal customer service!When was the last time you heard THAT in a hair product!

So change your teen/coeds hair routine this back to school season- pick up an Elepawl Hair Straightenerfor them, and maybe one for yourself too!  You have nothing to lose and beautiful hair to gain!


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