Funkins Can Make Lunch FUN for Everyone in Your Family!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge,from Funkins, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own.

Funkins are the lunch bag that’s NOT just for kids!

funkins logo
Funkins was founded in 2011 by Lisa Baumgartner, a mom who was looking for a fun and simple way to meet her son's Montessori preschool's requirement that he bring in a waste-free lunch, which also meant a cloth napkin.  She searched for fun, child-sized cloth napkins, and when she couldn't find any, she decided to make her own using bright fabrics and fun patterns.  And Funkins was born! Tday the brand now includes cloth napkins, placements and lunch bags, all made for families across the world to make school lunch waste-free!

Funkins bags are made of 100% cotton, they are soft and just make you want to touch them!

Even adults will love the fun patterns and designs, and the easy to clean portability!

Miss Grace has even adopted a Funkins bag she received as a gift, as a small purse! But when I was asked to check out a Mom size Lunch Bag, part of their Bermuda High School collection,  I knew I was the lucky one!

rock paper scissors bag

FUNKINS partners with schools to make unique lunch bag patterns, inspired by student artwork, themed around sharing important messages, while raising funds for the school. This limited edition Rock, Paper, Scissors, FRIENDS! themed lunch bag was inspired by Lara at the Bermuda High School in the spirit of celebrating kindness and friendship, especially at lunch time. And best yet, proceeds from the sale of this pattern will be donated to BHS. isn't THAT a super duper fund raiser, we can all love?

 Funkins bags just MAKE you smile! I love the Rock, Paper, Scissors fun of this bag! Adults my age grew up with it and it’s a nostalgia infused bag for us. And it would be super for ANY teacher, as well as student! 

But even the inside illicits a smile:

rock paper scissors bag interior

Yup-Be Kind, Be Nice, Play Fair! - just try not to smile when you see it! LOL
I’ve already been asked by 3 people as to where I got the bag, as other adults want to buy it for themselves, or a friend, because of the cute design!

rock paper scissors bag insterior space

I love the larger size bag, as I can put 2 containers PLUS a bottle of water, plus utensils, and a napkins, and NOT have everything smushed, as you can see! 

rock paper scissors bag insterior pocket

And thanks to the included interior pocket for utensils and a cloth napkin, they can stay high and dry, and there won't be any confusion on whose is whose, thanks to the handy included name lable inside too!

rock paper scissors bag insterior label

We’ve also taken the bag with us when we know we might be carrying leftovers, after lunch, on dance days, when we 2 hours from home. A couple of ice packs, and the food stays great until we can get home! And because it folds up so small, I can carry it in my purse, without any problem!

Funkins bags are menat to last too! They are made with reinforced seams and sturdy, easy-to-use zippers, these great bags are stain, tear and weather resistant. And because they are cotton, they are EASY to clean- just hand or machine wash (delicate cycle) and air dry (which it does in MINUTES!). 

funkins fabrics

Check out the other fun designs they have too:

So just because the kids got new lunch kits last month, doesn’t mean YOU can’t get one too! They make great snack bags to carry for sitting around waiting for the kids at all those after school practices too! AND Christmas is coming up, so if your kid's lunch bag isn't holding up already, think about Funkins! We are!