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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Yes, YOU Can Teach Your Kids About HOW to Study, Thanks to the Victus Study Skills System! (curriculum review)

I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Victus Study Skills System

As a parent, one of the concepts I worried about, was helping Miss Grace learn to STUDY. Not only does she have the ADHD/Dyslexia issues, but she learns different than I do, so how I studied would not be applicable for HER. While I knew she had learned some Study skills while still in private school, I knew they were not effective for more than short term retention, so I knew we needed something different! Thanks to the Level 3 (5/6-10/11) of the Victus Study Skills System  (complete set shown above), I now have the training TO help her learn this very important skill set! 

This system is not something new and a fad of the moment! The Victus Study Skills System has been taught for over 40 years, to thousands of students both in traditional schools, and homeschoolers! The goal of the system is to give your children the VERY important skill of studying, that allows them to become successful in their academic pursuits! Featuring multiple levels, the concept is that children start early, and build on the skills learned, at each new level. The four levels take your child from Pre-School to College, with strengthening of skills at every level! 

Let me give you some info about the available lower levels, and basic Teacher's Guide, before getting to the level we have been using! You can preview the different levels for yourself, as well, by downloading the Victus Study Skills System E-Packet! It gives you samples pages for ALL the levels!

Victus Study Skills System teacher book

The Teacher Edition - used for ALL the levels, this is the book that started the entire system! More than just an instructional manual, it also helps you, as a parent and teacher, understand the concepts and foundations in the Victus Study Skills System. By letting you understand the WHYS behind what you are about to teach you child, you get a betting understanding of not only how the system works, but the philosophies that make it WORK!
It is also meant to be the Teacher's Manual for Level 3, and includes the answers for the lessons in the Student Workbook. Each instruction includes not only the prep for the lesson,and the lesson itself, but why it is included. So it is recommended to read BEFORE you teach the lessons!

 Victus Study Skills System primary level collage
Level 1: Primary (K-2/3) 
This level features both a Teacher Supplement and a Student Workbook. 
This level is quite small, as you would expect, with brief lessons. The goal is to teach children the 3 basic steps of learning, which includes setting goals.While you might not think about goal setting at this age, in fact it is something they are quite fluent at, when you think about goals of learning how to do things for themselves! The primary goal is to get kids to start thinking about their strengths and building on them. The Teacher's Supplement applies directly to the Student Workbook, and includes answers where applicable. It is recommended that you read the Teacher's Edition, before instructing this level, and the next one.

 Victus Study Skills System elementary level collageLevel 2: Elementary (2/3-4/5)
This level also features a Teacher Supplement and a Student Workbook. 

Once again, this isn't a huge workbook, but there are more evolved lessons, that build on the 3 cornerstone learned in the Primary Level. This level also has 10 lessons, and I would suggest taking more time on each lesson, making sure there is good understanding of the different concepts, to help start the idea of growth mindset. Doing the lessons teaches kids the foundation study skills they need. And most importantly (to me) it really sets the basics for being organized, a concept that carries over to more than just their academic life! This level is also meant to be teacher led, with the applicable answers, for the Level 2 Student workbook,  also in the Level 2 Teacher Supplement. 

 Victus Study Skills System upper level collage
Level 3 (5/6-10/11) / Upper
Aimed at 4/5 through 10/11 grades, this level also consists of a Student Workbook (either regular or DIY), and uses the Teacher Edition, no supplement needed.

Like the prior two levels, this level can be taught in five one-hour sessions, but we spread them out, as I felt it was better for not only giving each lesson more attention, but to help Miss Grace with not getting overloaded with information. I also found that this helped her integrate the concepts better into her weekly lessons, and actually USE the skills she was learning, versus just putting them aside. By having read the Teacher's Edition, I was able to understand where each lesson was heading her, and decide if we needed more time, to really think on what was being asked, and then come back and complete the lesson on a different day with me, or to work straight through the lesson. 

grace and  Victus Study Skills System workbookThe goal keeping part of this level is very important. At this stage, kids are starting to think college and not only HOW to get there, but what they want to study. As homeschoolers, we know that planning is up to US, and this level helps your kids to understand that is is also up to THEM. That by setting goals, they need to determine what, and how,they can achieve them along the bigger path they are taking. I also loved how it helped Miss Grace to understand how she she is the one letting the goals slide, when she chooses to say not practice her dancing each day, and how choices have IMPACT! 

The test taking and study skill sections were ones where we had to work around a bit, as we don't use formal quizzes and tests yet. Rather I do more of oral questioning to determine if she is getting the material, in lieu of quizzes, and frequently we use presentations/her teaching someone else, as means of showing she has mastered the material. BUT having 
                                                                           said that, she does take the IOWA test at the
grace and Victus Study Skills System workbook 2end of the year, to meet our state's homeschooling requirement. So we were able to use some of the test taking ideas and help her apply them. if you do have a child with learning issues, this is the area where you may have to adjust the teaching. For example, she is OCD (yeah, I know tri-fecta!) and skipping a question on a test is just not going to happen. BUT that section was able to help her learn to pick out key words, to get a quicker understanding of what the question is looking for, to allow her to make a quicker response to it, versus fixating on it.

I plan on pulling this workbook BACK out at the end of the school year, and revisiting the areas we skipped, as we will be adding in more traditional tests next year to her school plan. I was actually quite surprised how this lessons in this level got her thinking about college, and how she needed to work on her weak areas, like writing, NOW.

 Victus Study Skills System plannerThe Student Planner- 
The Student Planner is made to be used by students in Levels 2, 3 and/or 4.
Based on a traditional planner, it also features affirmations and trivia, to give your kids a little extra! It helps provide daily reinforcement in their goal setting lessons, via having check boxes they can complete, as the different daily activities are done. As we already use a weekly check off sheet that is editable, I opted not to use it right now, but to save it for high school.
It can also be customized for schools and large coop groups!

 Victus Study Skills System level 4 collage
Level 4 (10/11-College)-
Aimed at kids Grades 10/11 and into college, this book features only the (DIY)
College Student Workbook.
At this level, students are meant to work through the notebook by themselves. The workbook teaches important skills that kids this age, especially those moving into a college level classes will come need, like how to use a syllabus, how to take better,more productive notes, how to schedule and budget their time (including work and school).

If you read my blog last week, then you know these are ALL skills that kids MUST have, in order to be successful at the college level.Like homeschool, they may be able to do over a class, but unlike it, only at great expense and time lost! Not to mention some classes may only be taught every 3 years for their major! But for those still in high school, it also helps them focus on test taking for college entrance exams, and how to reduce the stress of taking them! I would definitely recommend that this level be bought with Level 3, so  you can incorporate some of the time management lessons earlier, as some kids may have so much going on by the beginning of high school, they may need them! This level really can help your kids can BE ready for college! 

Overall I am very impressed with the entire Victus Study Skills System, and how each level builds upon the previous one, to reinforce learned skills, and really help your child understand how to get the most from the material they are learning. Now both Miss Grace and I feel ready to take on homeschooling high school!

My fellow reviewers checked out the different levels as well, and you can get more detailed info on the lower levels, especially, by clicking the picture below:

K through College Study Skills {Victus Study Skills System Reviews}
Be sure to follow Victus Study Skills System on their social media sights for specials and info on new material. You can also get some great educational resource info!

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