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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

#BookBrush Makes Graphics EASY for the Authors and Bloggers! (website review)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing the product/product information. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did/will receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

How do you make banners, social media graphics and other pictures for your blog, book cover, or social media sites?

Like me, you have probably relied on some different options, everything from Paint to iPiccy to Canva. Well now there is a NEW website out there that is even easier to use AND has literally THOUSANDS of background pictures for you to use! AND they have free and paid accounts!

Welcome your new best friend:

book brush logo

Book Brush makes it simple for authors, and bloggers, to make advertising and social media images with just a few simple clicks!  No more struggling with converting a book from a 2d image to a 3d image, for different types of advertisements and social media placement. Bloggers can use it to create banners and other graphics for their blog posts and giveaways!

Book brush has 2 primary features- Custom Creator and Video Creator

book brush sections

 For Custom Creator, you can take a book cover and turn it into an add, using a 3D image, using one of their over 30 templates, in mere minutes! You can also use the pre-made templates for Amazon and Bookbub ads! Or you can custom size the templates, and use them where you need to! You can also take the same ad and stretch it for a Facebook banner! What is super, is how easily you can grab a FREE background image, as Book brush has literally over a 1 million royalty-free images you can use! Add in the LONG list of fonts, and the many different ways you can use them with book stamps, and you have an amazing pallet at your fingertips!

While I'm not an author, I do use book covers, as part of my book reviews. So here is an example of what I could do with Book Brush:

Here is the basic cover:

bookshop on the corner cover

It's not bad, but it could be so much more inviting! 
Let's see what wonders book brush can help me do!

There we go:

bookshop on the corner  banenr 1

Now WHICH graphic makes you want to find out more about the book? Yup, background graphics DRAW they eye in and make us become involved in the book! Something ALL authors want!

Also part of the Custom Creator is the 3D Creator. It took the same book image above and then using one of the preformated Community Templates, I was able to turn it into this:

bookshop on the corner  banenr 2

As you can see, the Amazon stamp is already included, and the font is set to match the picture. i went from start to finish in 4 minutes! How's that for FAST and easy? But even then, I can still customize the template, by changing the angle of the tablet, or by changing it to a book or mobile phone! Customization is the key!

By uploading your book cover before you start editing, you can use it in all the different formats and come up with anything you need! PLUS you can save the format YOU put together, and use it again and again, with different covers- helpful if you are promoting a book series!

Now here is another example for a social media graphic for bloggers, made entirely from the Book Brush website:

book brush graphic 2

Again, using their basic sized template, all I did was add background image, and 2 text boxes with gradient backgrounds, and was done in less than 8 minutes. MUCH easier than having to hunt and hunt, through those other websites, to find what I needed! All I need to do is add this to Pinterest with the post link! Easy peasy!

The other component is their Video Creator, which is only available to Plus members. You get 5 videos per month as part of your subscription, put you can purchase more, if needed. Like the Creative Editor, you just add video effects behind a Promotional Image, of your book or product, and get an instant video, that can be posted where you need it.  The videos are VERY basic. You may or may not have sound effects with the background video. Then you add which book format you want, add your cover, and then you can alter the transparency, of the book, but that is it. You can shorten the video, but most only run about 43 seconds. I would have liked to have had the ability to add writing into the video as well, like on the graphics side. Hopefully that will be added soon. As you can see from my sample video above, some wording would have been helpful to set the book in Scotland on the Loch shore.

There are 2 types of accounts available:

book brush plans

You can sign up for the FREE limited plan (with NO credit card required!) and get to work right away. But you will be limited on what you can access, and how many graphics you can make per month! Or you can purchase the plus plan and have the option of making as many graphics as you want and videos. pricing is comparable to other graphic programs, but it is SO much easier to use!

So if you are on the outlook for a new graphics program, give Book Brush a go!

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