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This past year we worked with Miss Grace and her writing with a great product for elementary kids, as her writing was behind, due to dyslexia issues. While it has really improved, I knew we needed to REALLY focus on it this next year, so when I heard that Writing with Sharon Watson has a new and revised program for Middle Schoolers, I knew that it was one that I needed for THIS new school year, for her 7th grade writing!

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The new program, Jump In, 2nd Edition , is a revised and updated program of her previous Jump In program. In the new edition, you student wil practice writing more paragraphs in different styles, BEFORE they learn the 9 types of essays covered in the program's 98 lessons. There is even a paragraph chart, to help reluctant learners remember what needs to be in a paragraph. Through the fun and BRIEF daily lessons, your student will eventually work theirself up to writing a story and research report!  It even teaches tudents to proof read their work (can you say Mom just gained MORE time?) via simple lessons and checklists! 

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As you can see, the lessons start off with an idea that will be covered, and then an example of what is being covered is shown, with the concepts pointed out. 

For my daughter this was REALLY important, as it helped her to VISUALLY see where the sections were and what was included!

The paragraphs are short and about topics that kids not only KNOW, but like, which makes them MORE readable! For Miss Grace, the workbook is also doubling as a reader help! LOVE it when workbooks can do double duty!

jump in 2nd edition student workbook sample 2I love how the daily lessons work from simple to more complex, to help your student gain CONFIDENCE as a writer, and not get them bogged down in the beginning, wit heavy assignments, that make them scream and NOT want to do their lessons!

By using something as simple as a Venn Diagram, students see how they need to sort out their ideas BEFORE starting to write them out. Miss Grace didn't really like that idea last year, when it was presented, but when I showed her how she can use a mind map app to do them on a computer, this past month, she realized how they can REALLY help her to keep her ideas organized (and saved!).

jump in 2nd edition teacher guide sample 1This year Miss Grace is writing all her work on the computer, so it is easier for me to see what she has written, as her handwriting can get sloppy when she has a lot to do. BUT this is also allowing her to better see what her writing looks like to OTHERS, and by reading it back to me, see where she needs to make changes, to better get her ideas across.  Bystarting with the lessons in the workbook, and then writing them up on the comuter, she's also learning valuable typing skills too! BUT you can use a regular notebook for the writing, if you'd prefer!

While the Student workbook is really aimed at students working self-directed, their is a Teacher's Guide for the program as well. Firstly, it has the schedule, where you can base it on a monthly, or year long schedule, based on your needs for YOUR homeschool. I LOVE that capability! There is even a 2 yr plan, is you want to use the book for 7th AND 8th grade writing! 

jump in 2nd edition teacher guide sample 2The Teacher's Guide also includes answers to each of the daily lessons, to make YOUR life easier as the Teacher! 

AND the BEST part, for me, was they also have VERY easy to use grading grids for EACH of the essay assignments! So you can not only use the actual writing for a grade, but you can also grade whether they used the proof reading checklist correctly. So you can basically have a quiz grade and a test grade! Woo hoo!

You can really tell that Sharon knows not only what the reluctant student writer needs to learn, and how to teach them, but what the parent/teacher, who may NOT have a writing degree, needs to know for getting their child through the course, like they would in any other school! 

Miss Grace and I are both giving this course a big thumbs up and you will too! You can check out a sample from the workbook on the Jump In, 2nd Edition webpage, to really give you an idea whether the set up is for YOUR child's liking! I love that Sharon offers that- it's a huge help, and let's you see how thoughtful the course is! They also have an excellent high school course, you can check out on the site as well.

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