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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Stay at Home Learning for YOU and the Kids!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received these books from Callisto Press, and Tomoson, free of charge, for review purposes on this blog. No compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own

First something for the kids:
Full STEAM ahead―fun facts and challenging brain games for kids!

Awesome Brain Game for Kids  cover
What kind of whiz kid are YOU? Find out in Awesome Brain Games for Kids―a new collection of challenging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) games that are perfect for inquisitive kids from first through sixth grade. Super fun facts and perplexing puzzles will stimulate your mind and keep you engaged for hours!
Packed with dozens of STEAM-based headscratchers, Awesome Brain Games for Kids includes everything from coding to environmental puzzles, to help you develop your STEAM superpowers while having some serious fun. There’s even an awesome bonus game-within-a-game inside!
Kids will find:
    Awesome Brain Game for Kids sample
  • Games galore―Solve a wide range of amazing STEAM games that test your logic, visual, math, and wordplay smarts.
  • Master the bonus game―Win points when you complete brain games for kids and achieve the top-level! Are you a total STEAM genius?
  • STEAMing Q&A―Some of the world’s greatest mysteries explained! Q&A like “What is coding?” and “What is biofuel?” create an educational experience to enhance the games.
Set a course for full-on STEAMing fun―these brain games for kids are a total blast and challenging!


This is a fun book with plenty of activities for kids of ALL ages, and if your let the kids solve them, then after you can add additional learning in too- like the railroad puzzle above, when the kids finish, see what they know:  about trains, who helped build the train tracks across the country, how trains helped build the country, how they changed US economics, etc. It's EASY to build on each of the puzzles, and send kids off for research, and to come back and give you an oral report! SO many skills to be learned and worked on, it makes school at home easy!

And now for the adults:

If you're running out of hand sanitizer and sick of high priced sanitation products, then this is the book for you! Modern epidemics, like the one going on right now, have shown that we are more vulnerable now than ever despite the progress in technology and medicine. A microorganism, as small as a virus can bring the economy to its knees. It can also affect your health. So, how do you protect yourself? The best way to do this is to keep your hands clean and free of germs. 

homemade productsYour hands are susceptible to bacteria and viruses because you touch random objects. You use the same hands to eat food and can easily transfer these bacteria and viruses into your body. It is difficult to wash your hands at every point. You also cannot expect to avoid touching surfaces, either. You are probably always on the go, so you need to have a convenient way to keep your hands clean and healthy. It is during these times that you need to use hand sanitizers. These products are gel-like and have some alcohol in them. This alcohol will kill the bacteria and virus on your skin. People often choose to avoid store-bought hand sanitizers. They complain that these products make their skin dry. The alcohol in the sanitizers makes their skin dry. Some companies choose to give their customers complimentary moisturizers on the purchase of their sanitizer, but this does not help either. Some sanitizers also have a pungent or bad odor since they are mass-produced. It is for this reason people believe they should avoid purchasing sanitizers. How will they protect themselves otherwise? They can make them at home. 
This book has different sanitizer recipes. The recipes are extremely simple to follow, and the ingredients are available in every supermarket. Since a child’s skin is more sensitive, you need to use different proportions of alcohol and gel to avoid hurting their skin, so there are also some kid-friendly sanitizer recipes  You can also add essential oils to the recipes, so you can decide how you want the sanitizer to smell. You can also tweak the recipes and the proportions of the ingredients to suit your skin. There are some recipes in this book that you can use to disinfect your house. When you use sanitizers, you can decrease the chances of falling ill. Remember to sanitize whenever you touch surfaces in any public place or even at home.  

Yes you can go and look up recipes on the internet and Pinterest, but do have ALL the different recipes in ONE, easy to access place? No, you'd have to hunt and search! But with this book, everything is in ONE place, searchable, and all the variations are right there included! So not only can it save you money on sanitizing products, it can save you TIME! The author does a great job in explaining why different additives, like coconut oil, may be added, and why you should use store bought aloe, versus some from the backyard (I had NO idea on that one!). I would suggest reading through the book all the way, and highlighting pages you want to use, and then going back and picking the ones you want to start with. With supplies of sanitizing products VERY low and hard to find right now, this book is JUST what we need, and you may find that even when it's over, you'll want to keep on making your own products at home! And at ONLY $2.99, it's a steal right now too!

About the Authors:

 is an elementary school teacher who loves it when students create in her classroom, the STEAM Lab. She also hosts a popular podcast, STEAM Up the Classroom, featuring conversations with fellow educators. She lives with her husband and two sons in Massachusetts.

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