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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Book Review: The English Grammar Workbook for Adults: A Self-Study Guide to Improve Functional Writing

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book from Callisto Publishing free of charge, for review purposes on this blog. No compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it, all opinions are my own

The engaging, self-guided way to learn how to write better in English
the english grammar workbook for adults cover


Mastering English grammar can be a real challenge. But, with a little practice and patience, you can discover how to communicate better through self-study in your spare time. The English Grammar Workbook for Adults is here to help improve your writing fluency so you can gain confidence while crafting emails, cover letters, conducting daily business, and personal correspondence.
No matter your current skill level, this English grammar workbook has everything you need to learn essential elements, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, tenses, and beyond. Then, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to everyday situations you could encounter at school, at work, social situations, creative writing, online, and more.
The English Grammar Workbook for Adults features:
  • Fun & functional―This clear, concise book is essential for ESL/EFL and other grammar students who want to work on writing English.
  • Situational success―Get expert tips on how grammar applies to real-world scenarios.
  • Easy to use―Find quick answers to your English grammar questions using text boxes and the expanded index in the back of the book.

Learning how to communicate more clearly is a snap with The English Grammar Workbook for Adults.

 The English Grammar Workbook for Adults sample 2


With so many people looking at homeschooling their kids, or at the very least schooling from home in the upcoming Fall (for some only 6 weeks away!!!) school season, this is a book you just MIGHT want to have on hand to refresh YOUR memory of different parts of grammar, before you have to help your kids! Or you may want to brush up a bit, while you're at home, if you're looking to improve YOUR writing at work!

Either way this is an excellent refresher, or small tutor for those who may not have had great instruction on English grammar. As you can see above, you have simple explanations, that make SENSE to adults, along with some practice sections, to test what you have learned (don't worry, answers are provided in the back of the book!). Also included are some handy 'cheat sheets', that will help you with writing!

But really the JEWEL of the book is the second section, perfect for high schoolers and coeds especially, that shows the different types of SOCIAL writing that we encounter, and how to make it BETTER! Here's help for not only college essays, but for thank you notes for jobs (see sample below), but for presentations, employee evaluations, arguing over a medical bill, how to respond to an invite that you don't want to attend, even negotiating for a raise. I plan on using this as part of a 'Life Skills' class for my daughter, and homeschoolers especially will love this section! This is a resource book you need for the WHOLE family and we highly recommend it!

 The English Grammar Workbook for Adults sample 1

About the Author:

Michael DiGiacomo started teaching English as a foreign language to adults at a private language school in Sendai, Japan, in 1994. In 2010, he formed Happy English, his own ESL tutoring company in New York. He teaches private lessons, hosts a podcast, and has a YouTube channel to help students all over the world learn English.

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