Get to Know YOUR Family This Holiday Season, Thanks to You’re Pulling My Leg! (Review and Giveaway)

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Ah the holidays.

A time when our nearest and dearest (and maybe NOT so dearest) descend upon us for days and days of togetherness.

Well, post-Covid, that horde may not be descending, or you may find your family stuck at home, due to another mass outbreak. Sigh, the new norm, right?

So you've gone through ALL the jigsaw puzzles you possibly can, you've played every game in your house 15,000 times, and the kids aren't interested in reindeer games. So what's a savvy parent to do?

Pull out a book...I know, I know.

But this isn't any ORDINARY book...

youre pulling my leg cover

From our friends at Morningstar Games, comes two new gamebooks that can provide families with endless hours of entertainment and a chance to get to know your family members better: 

Both books were created by award-winning game creator Allen Wolf, and they both let you test your bluffing skills with questions that range from thought-provoking to zany ! During the game, players choose a question from the cards within the book. The secret flip of the coin tells them if their answer should be true or made up. 

youre pulling my leg sample card

When players hear a story, they vote points on if they think a player is telling the truth or
 pulling their leg. Players win points if you’re right, but lose them if you’re wrong. Players try to bluff others and try not to let other players fool them. Wild cards add some screaming 'noooooos' as people lose and gain points!  The first player to 21 points wins. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about other players in a short amount of time. And best of all, the game can be played in person or remotely!


Miss Grace and I played this together, then added grandpa into the mix. Honestly, two-player isn't quite the way to go. Yes, you can still bluff and get to know one another, but with kids, things tend to come out more into the open with more people, than one on one, especially with teens! With my job experience, I wasn't surprised that I was the winner of both games, but it was still fun to test out the waters with the book, and see what type of answers da kid especially came up with (and yes, some of those might need some further discussion). 

I think teens especially, will have more fun playing this with a group of their own age. After all, do you really want to talk about what to do on a date, in front of your mom? LOL, not if you're a teen! Plus, when it comes to voting, obviously a large group may want to get into the swaying people to one side or the other. So yes, if you're playing the regular edition with a mixed audience, you may want to skip some questions, but overall, they aren't no kids.

I can really see families each getting their own book, and then playing along remotely if they can't make it to the family dinner. It would be a fun way to connect, and get to know new family members, that they may not have much time around, thanks to Covid. The books not only make great holiday memories, when playing them together but also great gifts for giving to office coworkers, friends, and teachers!  

Did you check out the live play with Allen Wolf yesterday? 

Did you get to read his guest post with us as well?

If not, head back and go read it, 
and you'll see JUST what this gamebook can bring to YOUR family!

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One lucky BTHM reader will get to win their own copy of for their family!


Be sure to check out the other stop son this book tour, 

for more opportunities to win your own copy!

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Can't wait to win your won copy?

You can purchase a copy at Morningstar Games:


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