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Welcome to the monthly winners page for BTHM! All winners for the month will be listed.

Redraw winners will also be listed, with the original winner shown with a line through their name,
if they fail to respond within the 3 day limit (remember, I always send a second notice, so check those SPAM folders).

Thanks for following and entering our giveaways!


1. Top Shelf= #136 Nadine S who Picked Liar & Spy

2. I am Devotional : #1 jeremy

3. Contratr to popular belief- #48  Leela


1. Top Shelf- #134  Margie
who picked When we last spoke

2, Learning Resources- #44 Lauren

3. Baby Essentials-
#126 Shaun
#110 Nicki
#94 Pam
#132 Carolyn

4. My Little Pony- 
#52 Julie

5. Every Mile Mattered cd- #2 Leela

6. All Saints /Fandango- #33 Chickie B

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  1. I am Barbg the happy Winner of the Yogurt Cookbook! Just filled out the form & sent. Thank you so much!


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