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CD Review and Giveaway: Love All the Way by Brittany Hargest

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And now for something a little different- consider it our treat this Halloween season!

I am not a huge fan of Christian music, when I hear something I like, I like it. But it is not a genre not I listen to regularly. But when I was offered the chance to review Brittany Hargest's (formerly of Jump5) brand new studio album 'Love All the Way', I decided to give it a go, after a quick sample listen! 

I had never heard of Jump5 (see, told ya!), so Brittany was new to me!

I was very impressed with the album! if you have a teenage girl, they are gonna LOVE this album! The whole time I was listening to it, I was thinking combine Kei$ha and Ashley Simpson, and you've got her sound. By that I mean it is totally danceable and singable to, in a pop genre way. And then you realize the lyrics are Christian, but still VERY singable and not ones that your lids would be embasrrassed to sing along with! 

Here's a look at Brittany and her song, from the making of the album:

Here's some notes about the songs on the lineup:

 1.Critical - super fast paced pop song call for action to slow down our fast paced world
 2.Love All The Way- the first single- VERY KeiSha sounding and one of my favs from the album. The lyrics compare God's love to a heart grenade and a hurricane, that will not let us down. And when I say catchy, I mean you will be singing the song ALL day long!
 3.Slow Motion -I thought this was written by TobyMac on the first listen, as I've been listening to his Tonight album ALOT, since the The Grace Card DVD review. LOVE this song!
 4.Miracle -THIS is the song all girls need to take to heart. It reminds us that we ARE perfect in God's eyes, and what someone else thinks doesn't matter! We have potential and need to realize it. Yup strengthen her confidence with this song!
5.You Met Me-Another big empowerment song- it speaks of God's grace that transforms and allows us to start over and change our lives. Grace is a big thing that we all need to work on, and this song with it's simplicity of lyrics will help you understand that.
6.I Believe In You- another Simpson flavored dance song that is really a worship song, but sounds like a teen anthem!
7.He Can- another of my favs from the album. The lyrics are so simple and so heartfelt:  "When you can't, He can! When you fall, He stands! For the weak, for the hurt, for the broken man. When it's way too much and you can't, He can!" With the extremely catchy beat, this will be another fav of your teen's!
8. Like a Fire- another strong dance song, with more intense lyrics. She professes her faith and makes no illusions about it. She is strong in her convictions. 
9. Bring the Party- This will probably be the most talked about song on the album. With it's supreme dance beat and dance anthem, she is strong in saying it is ok to dance and sing and celebrate, that the Lord wants us to celebrate Heaven on earth as well. Yup, you can see where some might object. Me? I just wanted to get up and dance and sing along! 
10. Put It All Together- Just when you think the album can't get any more pop or dance music themed, comes the last song (though if you're like me, you'll have it on repeat, so it won't be the last song really!). Another song of God's love for us, no matter what we do and are, and that we can be changed. It sorta sums up the whole album!

After I did the song breakdown I went off to see if Brittany had helped write any of the songs and was pleased to find that in fact she HAD cowritten most of the songs with Aaron Rice and Jamie Moore (both of whom have written for TobyMac, AHA moment!) and several other well-known writers!  This core of experience is what helped shape the songs into such a well rounded cd that you would think this was her 10th solo album, not her first!
Love All the Way cover

Now add songwriting to her great vocal skills, and we have a young woman to be reckoned with! She is THE example that I want my daughter to listen to and emulate! This cd will definitely go in the car as part of her cd collection. If I had pre-teen and teen daughters, I would definitely add this cd to their Christmas list. Once they hear it, you'll get real tired of hearing it. Trust me! It will be on their computer, ipod and phones! So give it a listen and buy it for all the girls on your list. 

AND because Propeller loves BTHM readers, one of you will get to WIN your own copy of the cd! WOO HOO!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this music download, free of charge, from Propeller PR, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.


  1. I've just started getting into Christian music after hearing a Kari Jobe song and this album sounds great, too!

  2. @KrystenThis one will REALLY surprise you. Check out the Toby mac cd as well!


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