Monday, March 4, 2013

Krewe of Erin Crowning and Tea 2013

I have literally a hundred pictures, but I condensed them down (you're welcome!)
 into a few collages of pictures I just had to share!

I know the whole 'Krewe' thing can be confusing for you Yankees and West Coasters, 
so I figured I'd explain a little along the way too! 

Enjoy a look at 2013 Krewe of Erin royal session!

anticipation collage

Can you believe the SIZE of the Grand Marshall's Trophy?

The girls are checking out each other's entries (part of the app process).

Tea Time

tea collage

A gorgeous tea was put on for the girls. 

All things green and tasty!
Even the punch in the fountain!

I couldn't resist the photo of the cups and spoons!

Sashing Time
sashing collage

This year's new queen, Gilian van Bree and 1994 Queen Erin March
sashed the girls and gave them a hand made Irish bracelet!

The girls were also given a hand made shillelagh (Irish walking stick),
based on their personalities!

And yes, somebody was already tired of Mom taking her picture!

crowning collage

I think you can tell JUST how much my darling child LIT
up when the crown was placed on her head!
As one mother said- "it's amazing how a crown makes them glow!"

And the fact that 2012 Queen Lacie Zeller,
who we walked with at last year's parade,
was able to crown her, made it extra special!

The Royal Court
royal court collage

Here's a hint- when you tell 15 girls to say 'cheese', you might just get a concert!
And they sounded like a choral group- they were so well in tune
with each other! We all had to laugh!

The bottom photo really showcases the different shillelaghs!

The Stroll
 friendship collage

Pipers from Kilts of Many Colors were on hand to pipe the girls to the crowning,
and to lead us all to City Hall for the formal toasts.

Queen Lacie's sister, Queen Lauren Zeller, was Queen in 2011!
And she was the one who told my darling that
she could apply and be a princess THIS year
Yup- I hold her solely responsible! LOL

I loved the picture of the 4 girls holding hands-
 it was only about 48 degrees out and they were all being troopers-
it was so sweet and wonderful!

They were all avoiding the water overflow and trying not to slip,
but I loved how they did it in unison! 


toasting collage

Grand Marshall Thomas Kuhn toasted his Royal Court, 
and the City of Ponchatoula saluted the Krewe by turning the fountain waters green,
and by having city councilman Vergil Sandifer issue a toast from the city!

Thanks to the city for the wonderful bag of goodies for the girls too!

If you notice the kids are making strange faces into their cups, 
it was because they were trying to figure out if they contained
champagne or 7-Up (it was 7-Up!)

Queens Meet Piper meet Princess:
 queens collage

The Antique Trade Days was going on in town, 
so there was a plevy of Festival Queens visiting!

They were wowed by the pipers,
and we were wowed by their sweetness,
kindess and HUGE crowns!

Miss Delcambre Shrimp Fest was kind enough to show my darling 
JUST how heavy a crown can me!
You gotta love a crown with a shrimp on it!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the crowning of the 
Royal Court for the Krewe of Erin 2013!


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful experience for your daughter. That is one huge trophy!

    1. it was- thanks for visiting today and checking in!

  2. What beautiful pictures...she looks really lovely and the event looks like a lot of fun. She's lucky to have a Mom that has truly captured the moment - having these picture in the future will be such a joy to look at when she's older. A very special occasion for the girls! Annnnnnnd...I'd be scared to carry a trophy THAT big.

    1. aw gee thanks! it was a wonderful experience and we cant wait for the parade.

      I'd be scared to lift it too!


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