Christmas Gift Guide: Nada and Flash From Blue Orange Games

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge, from Blue Orange Games  for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

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As you know, we LOVE Blue Orange Games here at BTHM! 
And we're NOT alone- the company has won OVER 200 awards for their games-
isn't that impressive????

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Not only are the games FUN, the are educational AND something different,
that makes your kids want to blame them over and over!

One of their latest games is just that, meet Nada:

nada game
Nada is a high energy dice game that has players rolling two groups of dice and searching for matches. As chances go, there may be zilch, zip, NADA! Shout “nada!” when there are no more matches, to score all the dice on the play, and you might be the first to score big! With three ways to play, you better think sharp and act fast to match, snatch, and win! For ages 7 to Adult, and 2-4 Players. It retails for $14.99.

How much fun is it to play?

Just look at this face!

nada collage

This is a really fast action matching game, and one that Miss Grace picked up in like 2 seconds flat (we did get a bit confused over the cactus and palm trees, as they are very similar), and then proceeded to beat me 4 games to 1! Whew, at least I got one game in there! And honestly, the only way that happened was she claimed "NADA", and was wrong and I got the dice and that made me have more than her! LOL It also brought out her aggressive playing side and there was no way she was letting me win, after that first game!

The only problem is that she got pretty addicted to it and wants to play about 10 games in a row! At least! But I LOVE the portability and it is a great game to throw in your bag, and to keep the kids amused while waiting for extracurricular practices to get over, or at the doctor's office! We HIGHLY recommend it! 

We were also sent Flash to review:

flash game
In this lightning-fast dice dash, players race through 8 challenges to rack up the most points. Try your hand at three straightforward and quick game variations. Flash has three straightforward and quick game variations. All ages get into the competitive spirit and have a fair shot at victory. For ages 7 to Adult, for 2-6 Players , and reasonably priced at $14.99

flash 2

This was a little more complicated for Miss Grace and I racked up the first 2 games, but then she got the strategy and beat me the next 3 games! SIGH, she's a game player! LOL This one is also in a drawstring bag and perfect for on the go fun! I would say this one is better for older teens, where as Nada is better for the younger set!

Now you can even shop online at Blue Orange, and pick up at your local toy store (you can still buy and have shopped online as well, or purchase at local stores)! What a great combination, especially this Christmas season! All of the Blue Orange games are ones that your kids will love, and that you will find yourself picking up to play over and over! They are perfect for Family game nights! 

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