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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sally Jane Allows You to BEE Inspired!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Sally Jane, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

christmas reindeer scary

Earlier today I told you about a special gift for Miss Grace, and here it is!

Sally Jane is a family based company- one day an Aunt and Niece who shared the name Sally Jane, discussed how jewelry, nature and fashion, could be combined for a new purpose- the universal message of "show up for your life, be present and just “bee.." The result was Sally Jane!

Bees are endangered and sometimes in life so are we. The Sally Jane bee acts as a reminder to rise up against adversity. Aerodynamically bees shouldn't be able to fly, yet they do so by flapping their small wings fast enough to carry the weight of their bodies! Designed with intent, their bee looks upward to her highest self where she remains present and effortless in life,  prepared to accomplish the impossible. Much like how founder Sally Waite recovered from Stage IV cancer after being diagnosed while 7 months pregnant with her son! Sally Jane jewelry is a reminder to stop, take a deep breath, become centered and present in your body and realize that you too have the courage to Just Bee!

Sally Jane offers necklaces, bracelets and wrap bracelets, with their special little bee! They come in gold and silver settings, so you can find the look you want, or that you want to give! They have little bees for kids, larger bees for adults, and medallion bees, with the reminder to 'just bee' on the back. 

sally jane necklace and gnomes

We were sent the Silver Little Bee Necklace to review. As you can see, the bee is too adorable, and there is a lovely Sally Jane Banner on the end clasp. The necklace has a 16" chain that is adjustable with a 2 inch extender. It has  sturdy lobster clasp that has held up very well with Miss Grace wearing to school.

Miss Grace's elf, Annabelle, and her 2 kindness gnomes, Milo and Annie, brought the necklace to her this week, with a reminder note to 'Bee Kind'. She proceeded to show her entire class at school and to explain to them how the bee shouldn't be able to fly but can, because it has faith it can, it does. And how she knows how that can work, as it is the motto she uses for Irish Dancing. Now all the girls in her class want their own little bees! LOL

It made me smile though, as my grandmother's nickname was Bea and she wore bees her whole life, as a lucky charm. She claimed they helped her to remember to 'bee good and kind, and never give up". Giving Miss Grace the Sally Jane necklace was like handing down a family tradition and one that I was grateful to be able to give her, as she never got to meet her great grandmother, who died from cancer, when I was in college. 

Sometimes life surprises you!

And Sally Jane is a gift that not only keeps on giving, with its inspiration, it gives back- Sally Jane donates one dollar with every purchase with their 'buy 1 give $1' program The proceeds from the program go to Massachusetts General  Hospital's research  campaign toward Immunotherapy, as well as supportive care provided for patients and families by Friends of MGHCC. The goal behind immunotherapy is to better understand how stimulating the immune system to operate at full capacity will further aid the body in defending itself from disease. In addition, the donations will also help to fund research toward the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu ("jutsu", a global, ancient healing art that addresses the root causes of disfunction at the energetic-circulatory level, allowing the body to bring forth healing naturally with dis-ease and disharmony in general ) and provide funds to assist with Jin Shin Jyutsu care for acute and chronic health care needs. 

Sally Jane pieces come in a lovely fleece stringed bag, inside a lovely logo'd package, making them perfect for gift giving! And right now you can get 15% off on all purchased from Sally Jane, plus they over FREE domestic shipping!  So you really CAN afford these special necklaces and bracelets, and spread inspiration and gratitude to those who inspire you! 

Bee Courageous, Bee Bold, Bee a Survivor...

 Just Bee! 

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