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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Triplebooster Car Charger is YOUR Summer Car Travel NEED!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Triplebooster, via Tomoson, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, money or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Now that your phone has a holder for you to see it easily with, 
and your trunk is organized, how about KEEPING that phone charged?

And how about charging 2 other devices, like the kids' DVD players or tablets, at the SAME time?

Got your attention on that, didn't I?

Here's the solution you need for peace and harmony in your vehicle on those long car trips:

Meet the Triplebooster Charging set!

With this TripleBooster charging you set, you get not one, but THREE powerful USB port chargers, each 7.2A 36W, It also comes with not one, but THREE charging cords, to cover your different needs:
- A Micro-USB Cable for Windows Phone & Android users
- A 30-pin (dock) USB Cable for iPhone 4 users and
- A 8-Pin (Lightning) USB Cable for iPhone 6 users

Plus you get a cloth bag to store all of the cords and the charger in, so you never loose them!  

The cords are all 36 inches long! So they will reach to the back seat! So no more having to place your phone/tablet/laptop right on top of the charger! I have never seen a car charging cord that long, it's like they knew exactly what parents needed! 

Plus, the Triplebooster charger also senses the attached device, and delivers the correct maximum power allowed for it. This protects the phone AND the charger! And what I found was that because it is knows the device, it gives you a quicker charge! In the example photo below, Miss Grace's tablet was at 68% when I plugged it into the Triplebooster. 12 minutes later it was 100% and done! WOOT! I don;t know about you, but 15 minutes to get 27% means the kid can start using it again, and that keeps the rounds of I Spy down! LOL

When charging my Samsung S5, it took it from a but below 20% to 100% in about 24 minutes. And that was WITH me answering the phone twice, so the charge was interrupted! But what was MORE impressive was the fact that the charging on both devices did NOT interfere with the radio! Ever use a cheap charger? Bet when you plug it in, you get static all of a sudden on the radio from the improper grounding! Not with Triplebooster! The sound was crystal clear-both the kid and I were thrilled!

As you can see, the charging base has 3 sides to it, each with its own blue LED power indicator, which really helps to let you know if that port is charging, not plugged in, or finished (when the phone battery is full, the charger stops and the LED indicator turns off)! The LED indicators are bright, but not obtrusive. I used to have a charger that flashed blue the whole time it was charging, it drove me nuts at night! But the Triplebooster LED is just bright enough to see, but placed at such an angle that it isn't a distraction, even at night. 

I really like how the Triplebooster has built-in Over charge Protection, over discharge protection, short-circuit protection, stable voltage protection, Over-current protection, and over heating protection. This can frequently be an issue with cheap charges you pick up at the dollar store, for example, and they have the potential to cause some serious damage to your phone- something you do NOT want happening when the cost of a new smart phone these days is frequently over $400! 

I also love that it has an 18 month guarantee- when did you  ever see a car device charger with that? And the carry bag is a great extra too! It helps you keep everything well organized and together! We did loose the tie wires on the second time using the Triplebooster, so I just pulled some pony tail cotton holders and use those. They're soft on the cords, and easy to get on and off, even for the kids!

This is definitely the one car accessory you HAVE to have for any car trip over two hours, if you have kids! Being able to arrive at your destination with out a dead tablet or cell phone will save your ears (and your relatives') from a lot of whining and complaining!

Like the other car accessories today, this Triplebooster Charger Set makes a great gift for Dad for Gather's Day, and especially for the Grad, who may have 3 different types of devices they take everywhere with them! And at under $15 with FREE Prime Shipping, it's a steal too! So pick one up for a gift, and one for your car too!

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