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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wendy Mignot is YOUR LPA (Little Perfect Accessory!) for Summer!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this product, free of charge,from Wendy Mignot Jewelry, for blog review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own.

Last week I gave you a glimpse of my new Summer LPA (Little Perfect Accessory), the Wendy Mignot Pearl bracelet, and today I want to tell you more about it, and share why it is my new LPA this Summer!

Last week, I gave you an overview of the line and Wendy, today I want to focus on what you actually GET, when you make a purchase from her shop.

You know you have something different from the moment you open your package.

Inside you have a classic white gift box, but it is enrobed with the noted Wendy Mignot label. It screams quality. Period. And maybe just a touch of uniqueness inside.

You also have a formal envelope with the matching emblem, containing am embossed card that contains everything you need to know about taking care of your unique art piece/jewelry, aka your LPA, as well as your Certificate of Authenticity (!!) and info on Wendy and her line! This little touch, really, really takes your purchase into the exclusive category! You know the product in the box, is not just a piece of costume paste, but a true TREASURE. Your inner mermaid senses might just start a-tingling!

And that feeling continues, when you open the gift box, you see your lovely embossed Wendy Mignot jewelry carrying pouch, with its drawstring cord, and a card about the line. The pouch helps to protect your sensitive pearls from being scratched, and harmed. It's silver, monogrammed, outer covering gives it an extra edge of exclusivity. 

And once you lift it up, you see what truly makes Wendy's leather and pearl line unique: she includes a small container of West African Ivory Shea Butter. Why? Because this is quality leather, and it needs conditioning, with the Shea Butter, from time to time.  And as I know from saddle tack and Irish dance shoes, conditioning gives your leather an amazing patina and softness unique to the piece!

But why are Wendy's pieces such LPAs?

Well, let's look at a typical Summer day, that you might find yourself having this Summer. 

Did you know that you should add your pearl pieces LAST when you are getting dressed/ready? Yup, pearls are ORGANIC, which means they can be damaged by acid-based substances, alkaline substances and humidity. Which means hair products, perfume and the like can be damaging. So they should be put on BEFORE your pearls, and allowed to dry on your body, before you add your pearls. Think of it as adding that little 'something extra', LPA, that makes whatever you're wearing YOU. 

So where to first?

If it's a beach day, you need something to read, right? Our first stop is The Book Rack (http://www.thebookrack.com/Mandeville).  Rabbit advised he would find me the perfect Summer book to read (with Brooks' help of course! Rabbit does have a time reaching those upper book shelves.), in return for letting him try out my Five Multicolor Pearl Freshwater Bracelet with Knots bracelet. He said it wasn't quite his style, but he could feel the sea. Can rabbits have inner mermaids too?

Now we have our book to take to the beach, and realize we forgot something quite important.

AHA, there it is in the bottom of our bag- sunscreen lotion and soap to clean up after!

you may note that he bracelet is a tad loose- I ordered the 7.5 size, to make sure it wouldn't be too tight. I normally order a 7 to 7.25, and the 6.5 was waaay too tight. But leather does stretch a bit, So it depends on how you want the bracelet to fit YOU, which size you should order. I like being able to wear it above other bracelets, or below, so the 7.5 works for me.

Off to the beach- don't forget to take off your LPA, and store in its lovely carrying pouch while you put on your sunscreen, and keep it off, til after you clean up a couple of hours later, and are ready to take on the rest of  your day! (EEK, I think I need lots of moisturizer, or less close ups! LOL! )

Our lunch date is with the florist! 

I love her Memorial Day wreath, don't you?
Notice that pearls work just FINE with red, white and blue! 

Why that means, your little LPA can work through July.
 Why aren't you just the smartest mermaid around?

Planning commences....

Don't pearls just go amazingly well with Magnolias?

Well, of course they do! We Southern girls were taught that at our Mama's knees! LOL

Hmmm....my work as impromptu bridal adviser is getting easier, 
with my Wendy Mignot LPA on my wrist! 

Wendy Mignot pieces for the bride and bridal party not only set the tone for the wedding, 
but maybe a little more....

Magnolia bouquets, boutonnieres and bouquets. Lavender silk dresses and ties. TADA!
Color scheme matched to the unique Tahitian pearls and leather in the bracelet,
 for an amazing beach wedding!  

Accomplishment Day 101-maybe rubbing Rabbit's head earlier today was very good luck indeed!

Just one more little thing....

Oh yes, cake testing! AKA tea time!

The flower girl declared Petit fours divine, and better than boring old wedding cake, cupcakes or donuts (the latter two she declared passe. Seriously? 9 year olds know passe? Course she matched her Petit four to her nail color.... I feel old, sigh....)

But she might have had a point with their flavor and flower theme...
The bride proposed matching frosting pearls around the cake to match the Wendy Mignot pearl pieces. Hmmmm, the planning is almost done?

Let's plan away....

Yup, job well done, thanks to help from Wendy Mignot's LPA, 
her amazing Tahitian Pearl and leather bracelet!

I'm beginning to think it's my good luck charm too!

Now off to celebrate the day!


Champagne mixed witlemonade and pomegranate juice- SO very refreshing after a long day in and out of the heat! And look how well the Wendy Mignot LPA pearl bracelet looks next to its sheer pinkness! Hmmm...pearls really do go with everything (even that LBD that you need to shake off from the back of your closet)!

As you've seen, Wendy Mignot's stunning pieces of art from the sea, not only help bring out your inner mermaid, they are the PERFECT accessory to take you from morning to night, no matter what you are doing. Just knowing you are wearing a piece of art on your wrist can not only give you more confidence, it might just help bring out your inner creativity too! And maybe, you just might turn back into your inner mermaid self at dusk! 

One can hope, thanks to Wendy!

So if you are looking for a graduation present that will not only be the graduates LPA all Summer, but all year long, for a lifetime, be sure to put Wendy's amazing pieces at the top of your gift list!

And before you take that family vacation- reward yourself in advance (you know you will deserve a HUGE reward after 7 days of the kids in a car, twice, and running amok at your destination), and pick up YOUR LPA from her wonderful Coastal Collection. 

Mermaids unite!

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