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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Layering is Easy with Wendy Mignot!!

So far today we've taken a look at ancient cultures, American history and even Victorian England.

Do you know what all those cultures and time periods have in common?


Give up?


Wendy Migot layered look 2
Courtesy of Wendy Mignot jewelry

And before you shake your head and say 'NO", let's think for a minute....

Ancient Egypt:
The more gold bracelets and jewelry you had denoted royalty

Ancient Greece:
Togas might have been the rage, but again, jewelry showed who ruled and had the wealth.

Wendy Migot layered look 1
Courtesy of Wendy Mignot jewelry

Take one look at paintings of the period and you can see just how many layers court ladies had on! Once again, layering was a sign of success.

Victorian England:
Layering reached it's apex here- our Victorian ancestors had penchants for buttons, lace, feathers and of course jewelry for every occasion, eve mourning!

After the flapper era, layering came back into vogue, with gloves and hats, dress capes and coats, and yes jewelry! Brooches, hat pins, hair pins and the like!
So now you're going "OK, then!", right?

And while it might just be hotter than Hades in the South (seriously we need oven mitts to touch our steering wheels by noon), there is still something very unique, personal and eye catching about layered jewelry. It makes us want to reach out and see what is there. To discover the stories behind each piece, to dwell in the possibilities....

my Wendy Migot layered look

The whole time we were in Texas recently I wore the same layered bracelet combo, based on my lovely Wendy Mignot Pearl bracelet, every day, and every day at least 3 people stopped to compliment me on my bracelets, or to ask after one or the other. 

Layering jewelry offers a mystique that others want to discover. And when the pieces come together right,when you start with a classic piece, like those form Wendy's line, magic is born.

So take a few minutes this week and figure out an unique layered look for your wrist, and see what interest YOU can develop! 

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